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Confirm Match Venue

Please be sure to confirm your match venue. Several schools have changed their game sites and others have not even decided where they are playing yet. Medgar Evers is splitting their matches between the Aviator Soccer Complex and Old Boys and Girls High School on Rutland and Troy in Brooklyn. St.Joseph’s in Suffolk has scheduled a few of their matches in October at the Centereach Soccer Park on Horse Block Road.

The ECAC website is NOT very clear to everyone when it comes to WHERE the teams are playing.

Be sure to read your GAME NOTICE completely and look for alternate game sites or COMMENTS concerning the venue. Calling the school to confirm the site is also a GOOD IDEA!!

ECAC Metro NY Area Assigning Update

The following ECAC assigning update was provided by Lou Minutoli: Read the rest of this entry »

NY Metro Area ECAC Assigning Update

The following ECAC assigning update was provided by Lou Minutoli: Read the rest of this entry »

New ECAC Metro New York Area Assignor

Lou MinutoliECAC notified us that Lou Minutoli will be coordinating all ECAC men’s and women’s soccer assignments in the New York Metro area, effective immediately. We believe ECAC will make an official announcement in the next few weeks regarding Lou’s appointment but in the meantime, Lou asks that anyone who desires ECAC assignments to call him at home to discuss your availability.

As soon as we know the technical details regarding how the assignments will be published, we will post that information on the news page of the web site.

ECAC Fees for 2009

Last month, the ECAC contacted several NISOA organizations, including our chapter, requesting endorsement of an officials’ fee freeze for 2009. Fees were scheduled to increase by $5 in 2009 according to our Memorandum of Understanding with ECAC. This initiative from ECAC was in response to requests from the conference commissioners served by ECAC based on the declining economy and budget cuts in all athletic and academic areas. The proposed fee freeze has apparently been extended to all sports assigned by ECAC.

Our Executive Board considered this request and told ECAC that it was unacceptable as presented. According to ECAC’s response to us, “your NISOA/EISOA colleagues in the other regions of our membership are enthusiastically supporting this freeze initiative. From the early feedback we have received, it appears the other officiating organizations within our ECAC officiating bureau will also endorse the fee freeze.” We have had subsequent discussions with ECAC and continue to maintain our position not to endorse the proposed fee freeze.

We expect imminent notification from ECAC to all soccer officials that fees for the 2009 season will remain at the stipulated 2008 fees. More details on this issue are available to registered members on the chapter message board.

ECAC Application Requirements

The ECAC now requires new officials to apply for ECAC membership and pay an application fee of $75. New chapter members should fill out this form to officiate ECAC assigned games. This requirement does not apply to veteran officials who have previously officiated ECAC assigned games.


ECAC has informed us they will prepare checks for the initial Official Payment System (OPS) payment for the 2007 season on Monday, October 22, 2007. Payment will be for matches played before October 22, 2007. Please review the documentation accompanying the payment for discrepancies with your records. There are several schools in our area that did not fund ECAC so you will not be paid for the games they hosted in this payment cycle.

Take a few minutes to review the financial information on your ECAC assignment web page. Try to resolve financial issues with the assignor and ensure the ECAC web site is updated as soon as possible.