Memorandum of Understanding


Eastern Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association


Eastern College Athletic Conference

  1. Statement of Purpose:

This memorandum of understanding outlines the agreed criteria for the selection and assignment of members of the Eastern Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (EISOA) to the soccer games of the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) that are required by the above named Conference.

  1. What the Memorandum Covers:

This document:

  1. Effective Dates:

This memorandum of understanding is effective for the fall seasonal periods starting with the date of August 1, 2005 and ending July 31, 2010.

  1. Membership:

As a matter of policy, both parties agree that all referees invited, selected and assigned to games to officiate ECAC games must be active members of NISOA and EISOA, in good standing and that EISOA will have access to the list of individuals assigned to contests.

  1. Responsibilities:

Both parties will work in cooperation to do the following:

The ECAC regional coordinator and/or the ECAC director of soccer officiating will select and assign from the EISOA roster of officials:

  1. General Communications:
  1. Referee Performance Assessment and Ranking:
  1. Appeals Process:

The ECAC director of soccer shall notify any official who is under consideration for   removal from the list of approved ECAC/EISOA soccer officials in writing. The notification shall include the specific reasons why the official is being considered for removal. The official may appeal the action by responding in writing within ten (10) days to a committee comprised of the local ECAC coordinator/assignor and a designated member of that official’s local chapter who will examine and investigate the facts of the case. The committee will have the right to interview any and all parties involved in situations that contributed to the possibility of removal. Once the committee completes its examination, it will make a recommendation to the ECAC Commissioner who has the final authority in any case. If the committee members cannot agree, they will present their findings to the Commissioner who will render a final decision.

  1. Selection and Assignment of Officials:

The ECAC will have exclusive and final authority/responsibility for the policies and procedures for assigning officials to all ECAC games including those made to ECAC, NCAA and Conference Championships.

  1. Referee Training and Development:
  1. Officials’ Registration Fee

  The officials shall pay to the ECAC an annual registration fee in accordance with the number of assignments each official receives on the ECAC initial assignment release date on or about July 15th.

Annual Registration Fee

1-5 games = $40

6-10 games = $65

11-15 games = $85

16-24 games = $100

25 or more games = $150

Registration Fee Deadline: August 15th. Failure to submit your registration fee on or before the deadline date will result in a $15 late fee.

12. It is understood that when officials show up for a game and it was cancelled and the officials were not notified, the officials will receive a full game fee plus ECAC mileage if it was the school’s fault in not notifying the officials. If the failure to notify the officials of a cancellation was the fault of the ECAC, the ECAC will pay the officials ½ game fee plus ECAC mileage.

13. It is understood that each official is an independent contractor and understands that he/she shall obtain and pay for his/her own disability, medical and hospitalization insurance covering the official for any and all claims the official might incur as a result of any injury or illness the official might sustain in officiating games under this memorandum of understanding, and that neither ECAC nor EISOA shall have any obligation to provide such insurance.

14. By the execution of this MOU, each EISOA member agrees to save ECAC, its directors, officers, agents and members harmless from any claims for the injuries or illnesses described in paragraph 12 if the member fails to obtain or maintain such insurance during the terms of this memorandum of understanding. It is further agreed between the parties of this memorandum of understanding that there is no indemnification agreement as to the liability involving third parties. Should either party desire modification of this memorandum of understanding, it will give written notice to that effect to the other party with action to begin within six months of the date of notification.

15. It shall also be understood that either party may withdraw from this agreement with a 60 day written notice, which may only be exercised in the first calendar quarter (January-March) of any year.

16. Entire Agreement, Alteration; No Assignment.  This writing contains the entire agreement of the parties.  No representations were made or relied upon by either party, other than those that are expressly set forth herein.  No agent, employee or other representative of either party is empowered to alter any of the terms thereof, unless done in writing and signed by an officer of the respective party.  This Agreement may not be assigned or transferred in whole or in part without the prior consent of the ECAC or EISOA.

17. Game Fees, Mileage, Tolls and Per Diem:

The ECAC and EISOA shall meet, confer and negotiate all fees paid to ECAC/EISOA officials including game fees, mileage, tolls, and per diem.



Year                      Division I

2005                      Ref $190 + ECAC Mileage, A.R. $130 + ECAC Mileage

2006                      Ref $195 + ECAC Mileage, A.R. $135 + ECAC Mileage

2007                      Ref $200 + ECAC Mileage, A.R. $140 + ECAC Mileage

2008                      Ref $205 + ECAC Mileage, A.R. $145 + ECAC Mileage

2009                      Ref $210 + ECAC Mileage, A.R. $150 + ECAC Mileage


Division II/III 3-Person

DII/III 2-Person



Ref. $165 + ECAC mileage

$140 + *mileage

$90 +*mileage


A.R. $115 +ECAC mileage



Ref. $170 + ECAC mileage

$144 + *mileage

$95 +*mileage


A.R. $115 +ECAC mileage



Ref. $175 + ECAC mileage

$148 + *mileage

$100 +*mileage


A.R. $120 +ECAC mileage



Ref. $180 + ECAC mileage

$152 + *mileage

$105 +*mileage


A.R. $125 +ECAC mileage



Ref. $185 + ECAC mileage

$156 + *mileage

$110 +*mileage


A.R. $130 +ECAC mileage


* Denotes ECAC Mileage

ECAC Mileage Schedule

Home to Campus Mileage (One Way Miles)

Travel $$ Allowance











200 plus


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