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Taking Care of Details

For most officials, the intercollegiate soccer season is just about over. However, for clinicians and assessors, continuing education is a year round requirement. Our web site collects quite a bit of information from news sources, message board and blogs. One recent entry from a personal favorite included a link to an article by Canadian and World Cup veteran assistant referee Hector Vergara. The article included personal observations as well as refereeing tips and techniques taught at the 2010 World Cup that merit further discussion.  Read the rest of this entry »

Proper Mechanic for Ejections

The 2008 NISOA Preseason Guide contains an error regarding the display of cards for an ejection when a player receives a second caution in the same match. From Ken Andres, Jr., NISOA National Rules Interpreter:

The NISOA 2008 Preseason Guide contains an article on Page 1 entitled “Second Card is Always Red,” which sets forth an incorrect officiating mechanic with regard to NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rule 5.5.3. The Preseason Guide article incorrectly states that the referee should not display a yellow card when issuing a second caution to a player. This is not correct and wrongfully interprets a 2008-2009 clarification of R.5.5.3, which addresses the issue of a second caution for Accumulated Cautions and Game Suspensions purposes pursuant to Rule 12.18.1. A player cannot be “charged” with a second caution in the same game for card accumulation purposes within R.12.18.1, but this clarification does not change the NISOA officiating mechanic when a player commits a second cautionable offense. The proper officiating mechanic when a player commits a second cautionable offense is as follows: The referee shall display a yellow card, followed immediately by a red card. See R.5.5.3.