2015 NJCAA Soccer Rules of Competition

Jack Sweeney, the assignor for NJCAA Region XV, has provided a summary of the NJCAA rules of competition which differ from the NCAA Soccer Rules for the 2015 soccer season. Please notice player management for cautions and clock management differences.

The match report to be used for NJCAA Region XV games is also available here.

Building/Room Change; 2015 NY Metro ISOA Mandatory Annual Rules Clinic

Due to a conflict, our Mandatory Annual Rules Meeting on August 29, 2015 has been relocated to Harry J. Schure Hall, room #130 on the Old Westbury Campus of New York Institute of Technology. Please park in the large parking lot to your immediate right when you enter the campus from Northern Blvd., walk up the stairs and cross the entrance road to Schure Hall. Light breakfast will be served at 8:30 AM.

Special thanks to James Massari and the entire Athletics Department at New York Tech for their continued support of our program.

Nabil Al-Saidi Named 2014 NISOA Region II Referee of the Year


Nabil Al-Saidi

Nabil Al-Saidi was recognized at the NISOA Annual Awards dinner on July 18, 2015 in San Antonio, Texas as the 2014 NISOA Region II Referee of the Year. Each year, NISOA selects a member from each region for this prestigious award. The last chapter member to be so recognized was Arnold Klein. The criteria for the award includes:

  • Demonstrating professionalism on and off the field.
  • Willingness to help other officials succeed.
  • Shows a positive attitude towards NISOA programs.
  • Displays outstanding mental and physical fitness.
  • Always wears the NISOA badge with pride.

Nabil is one of the chapter's NISOA National Referees and continues to represent our chapter in an exemplary manner. He will receive the award at our mandatory annual rules interpretation meeting on August 29, 2015.

Former NY Metro ISOA Chapter President, Robert Fischer Inducted Into NISOA Hall of Fame

Bob Fischer

Bob Fischer

Former NY Metro ISOA chapter president, Robert Fischer was inducted into the NISOA Hall of Fame at the Annual Awards dinner in San Antonio, Texas on July 18, 2015.

Bob's soccer accomplishments are memorialized on the NISOA Hall of Fame web page including multiple national championship games. Bob has been a member of the NISOA Executive Board and Executive Council for many years. He has helped shape NISOA policy as well as provide leadership for Region V. Congratulations to Bob on his well earned recognition and exemplary service to NISOA and intercollegiate soccer.

NISOA/NCAA Registration and Rules Test News

I've been getting a lot of questions via email about the NCAA's registration fee initiative and the NISOA/NCAA Soccer Rules Test.  Here are some common questions and answers:

  1. Do I have to pay $65 to take the Rules Test on the NISOA Central HubNo. The test is provided by NISOA at no cost to our members.
  2. Does the Rules Test really close on August 2, 2015? No. NISOA just approved an extension to August 16, 2015. The extension was granted to allow the National Referees (who take the test and need to correctly answer 90% of the questions) additional time and not delay the distribution of National Referee badges. I wouldn't be surprised if the test closure is extended closer to Labor Day but please don't bet on that occurring.
  3. If I want to register with the NCAA, do I have to take the test on the NCAA Central Hub? No. NCAA has agreed to accept the test results from the NISOA Central Hub for their post season eligibility criteria. You may take the test on either site but you will have to make your registration payment directly to NCAA on their site. This is not a NISOA requirement but an NCAA requirement.
  4. Do I have to take the Rules Test? Yes, if you are a NY Metro ISOA chapter member. The chapter is using this test as part of the good standing requirements to take an annual rules test. Chapter members have to complete the test only.
  5. I took the Rules Test on the NISOA Central Hub but didn't get a confirmation email from ArbiterSports with my score. How will the chapter know that I took the test? Since the test is on the NISOA Central Hub, the chapter will have access from ArbiterSports to document that you completed the test.

Please post any questions you may have here and I will answer them for the benefit of all.

2015 NISOA NCAA Soccer Rules Test

The NISOA Executive Board is working on publishing a single rules test on the Testing tab of the NISOA Central Hub which will be dually used to qualify NISOA National Referees and for members to meet their good standing requirements. I've been working very closely with the Instructional and National Referee staff to get the test ready for members on the NISOA Central Hub. The NISOA Executive Board is meeting this week to finalize and approve this initiative.

90% with two attempts will be the criteria for the NISOA National Referee program. We intend to share individual testing results with the NCAA for their use in determining post season eligibility. I expect the test will be published this week with a deadline of August 2, 2015.

Chapter members will be required to take the test pass/fail. You will receive email instructions separately.

Updated July 14, 2015 - The test has been published at the link above. All NY Metro ISOA members are directed to take the test and retain the confirmation email from ArbiterSports.

NISOA National Referee Program

By: John Puglisi, NISOA National Clinician

If you are interested in the NISOA National Referee Program, now is a good time to start preparing to apply for the 2016 season. The National Referee tab on nisoa.com has all the information you need to make the decision whether the National Referee program is for you. I strongly recommend working with Klaus Mueller to get the necessary assessments (2 as referee, one as assistant referee) done during the upcoming 2015 season to get you on your way.

Our chapter currently has several National Referees on our roster who can also provide insight to the program. Our National Referees are Nabil Al-Saidi, Saam Jalayer, Ayo Obesisan, Mike Godi, and Steve Danisi.