NYMISOA Celebrates the Conclusion of Another Successful Season

The New York Metro Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NYMISOA) membership includes nearly 100 intercollegiate soccer officials in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island plus Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties. Its major social event of the year is the annual NYMISOA Awards Dinner, held on Monday night, November 9 at the Sterling in Bethpage, where soccer coaches and referees who particularly made a difference during the college and junior college season were honored from balloting by NYMISOA members.

NYU swept the Sportsmanship Awards on both the men’s and women’s side of four-year college programs. NYU men’s coach Kim Wyant and NYU women’s coach Michele Canning were to be honored by NYMISOA but Canning could not make it as her team was in the ECAC playoffs so Wyant, a former assistant coach with the NYU women, accepted the awards for both programs.

“At NYU, from pre-season on, we tell the players that the referee does not decide the game but the players do,” Wyant said. “We coaches want our team captains to speak to the officials during the game as well rather than us doing it. These sportsmanship awards mean a great deal to our program.”

Suffolk Community College men’s soccer coach Frank Vertullo received the 2-Year College Sportsmanship Award for the second time, matching the number of national championships his team has won. Suffolk won the national title in 2010 and 2014 and the NYMISOA Sportsmanship Award in 2008 and 2015.

A coach honored with a Certificate of Appreciation was Joe Lee, who coached the St. Joseph’s Long Island women from 2002 to 2014 and is the only coach ever to win the NYMISOA Sportsmanship Award three times. The certificate read, “Presented to Joe Lee in recognition for teaching generations of soccer players at all levels the values of sportsmanship.”

Seven referees were honored as well. Mike Godi was selected as the 2015 Official of the Year, Jiye Zhang was tabbed as Assistant Referee of the Year, Harlan Grossman was named New Official of the Year and Jim Memos received the Dennis Botsaris Service Award.

Three officials who have done professional games were also honored for their services to college soccer refereeing. Mark Passiatore received the 35-Year Service Award, Randy Vogt took home the 30-Year Service Award and Alberto Giordano, a ref in MLS’s early days, received the 25-Year Service Award.

A photo gallery from the dinner is located here.

NCAA Soccer Rules; 6.4.3 Scorekeeper

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2015 Chapter and Sportsmanship Awards

Once again, our members have an opportunity to vote for our officials and local coaches who have particularly distinguished themselves. Those receiving the most votes will be honored at the NYMISOA Awards Dinner on November 9. Members say, “How can I vote for anybody when I have done so few games this season?” or “I often ref with members and teams outside our area so how can I vote for anybody?” If that’s the case, then do not limit your selections to just the 2015 season but to the past couple of years as well.

The ballot is linked. You can e-mail your selections to Randy Vogt at [email protected] or send to him at 3 Hillside Lane, Syosset, NY 11791 by October 26. Thank you!

Arbiter Availability and User Tips

Thanks to Marc Silverstein from the Rockland/Westchester ISOA Chapter for passing along the following tips for officials using the ArbiterSports assigning system: Read the rest of this article »

Working with Non-NISOA Members

By: John Puglisi, NISOA Vice President and NY Metro ISOA Chapter President

Every season, the topic of non-NISOA members working intercollegiate matches comes up for discussion. It's a fact that some intercollegiate soccer assignors assign non-NISOA members. The assignor may knowingly use a non-NISOA member or the individual misrepresents himself or herself to the assignor as a NISOA member. Here's what you need to know: Read the rest of this article »

NCAA Ejection Reporting Technical Issues

We received reports detailing technical and access problems with the NCAA Soccer Ejection Reporting site over the past week. The technical issues have been resolved according to the NCAA so if you have been unable to submit ejection reports this season, please go back to the site and fill out the report.

Head Injury Awareness

Player safety, especially head injury awareness, continues to remain a point of emphasis in intercollegiate soccer. As part of the officiating crew, please make sure you are aware of signs and symptoms of concussions. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has excellent educational and awareness resources for this important part of our officiating responsibility. As part of your match preparation, please review this resource before your next assignment.

Remember to stop the match and beckon medical staff onto the field immediately upon observing a potential head injury.