2019 NISOA/NCAA Soccer Rules Refresher Test

The 2019 NCAA Soccer Rules Test is now available on the NISOA Arbiter Central Hub

  • NY Metro ISOA members MUST take and submit this test on the NISOA Arbiter Central Hub as part of the annual requirements to remain in good standing as an active member.
  • You do not have to pay the NCAA registration fee to take this test on the NISOA Arbiter Central Hub. This test is free to NISOA members.
  • NY Metro ISOA members do not have to achieve a passing grade on the test but rather complete and submit it. NISOA National Referees must achieve the passing score as part of their annual certification requirements.
  • If you do score above the NCAA Post Season Eligibility passing score of 90%, you will be eligible for NCAA post season assignments if you meet all the other NCAA requirements which includes the payment of a registration fee. NISOA shares the test scores with the NCAA and they accept them without the requirement to take the test again on the NCAA Soccer Central Hub.
  • If you haven’t signed into Arbiter recently, now is a good time to make sure you have your username and password right.
  • New candidates and reinstated members will not have access to the NISOA Arbiter Central Hub until they have all fees forwarded to Steve Wowk and are registered with NISOA.
  • You don’t have to forward the confirmation email from Arbitersports to the chapter. NISOA shares the test results with our chapter.
  • While the test will be available well into September on the NISOA Central Hub, our chapter’s traditional deadline to submit the test is the Annual Rules Interpretation meeting in August.

Here are some important and helpful links:

If you did not receive the email from NISOA, it’s very likely your email (username) on Arbiter is incorrect or outdated. We strongly suggest you actively maintain your Arbiter account since that is the source of roster data for NISOA’s membership management team.

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