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Our chapter membership roster consists of the finest soccer officials in the New York City Metropolitan area including several NISOA National Referees. Our members have been selected for numerous NCAA, NJCAA and USSF championship matches. Our membership includes past presidents of NISOA, members of the NISOA Hall of Fame, MLS referees and former FIFA International Referees.

The Executive Board

The Executive Board of the New York Metro chapter consists of five elected members. The other members are appointed by the President. The current, elected members are:

All elected members, except the secretary and treasurer, serve a two year term which expires on December 31 during an even numbered year. The secretary and treasurer serves a four year term. The Executive Board is completed by nominated Directors. The current, appointed directors are:

Referee Development

Our chapter leadership is committed to helping our members develop their officiating capabilities through on field assessments and education. Our chapter clinicians and assessors are available to assist our members to perform at the highest level.

Chapter Constitution

The chapter constitution provides the framework for the Chapter's operational procedures including the provisions to be a member in good standing.

New Members

The chapter is continually recruiting qualified soccer officials for membership but we only accept applications between June 15 and the second Saturday of January in the ensuing year. New membership criteria is based on the current NISOA policy. If you meet the criteria and would like to become a member of our chapter, get more information about membership. Complete membership applications should be submitted to the Executive Vice President no later than the second Saturday in January. Applications are considered during January. Candidates accepted by the Executive Board are expected to attend the new member clinic. The clinic consists of two or three, 3 hour classes over the course of four weeks (usually in March) culminating with the NISOA Qualifying Exam. New members will have to pass the NISOA Fitness Test. If the new member fails to achieve this score, they may retake the fitness test in six months. The fitness test is administered by the chapter in June and July.

Here are several links to important information about being a member of the NY Metro chapter.

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