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Saturday, August 11, 2018
9:00 amto1:00 pm - 2018 Mandatory Annual Rules Interpretation Meeting

The New York Metro chapter of the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA) was formed in 1964 as one of the original NISOA chapters. Our first chapter president was Dr. William Rosenthal, a founding member of NISOA, past-president of NISOA and a member of the NISOA Hall of Fame. The chapter membership includes intercollegiate soccer officials in New York, Kings, Queens, Bronx and Richmond counties of New York City, and Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties.

2018 Chapter Meeting Schedule

The 2018 NY Metro ISOA meeting schedule is now available. Get the dates, times and locations for the NISOA fitness test, the annual mandatory rules clinic, awards dinner and business meetings.

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Guest Attendance at our Annual Rules Clinic

Our chapter welcomes all NISOA members and other guests to our annual rules clinic on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 9:00 AM. We would like to ask our guests and members of other chapters who want to attend our rules interpretation clinic to fill out this form. Your cooperation will help us properly plan for the event. Active members of the NY Metro ISOA chapter should not submit the guest form. New England ISOA members will not receive credit from NEISOA for attending this clinic.

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