ECAC Metro NY Area Assigning Update

by Lou Minutoli, ECAC's New York Metro area assigner. Lou Minutoli

The following ECAC assigning update was provided by Lou Minutoli:

Thanks again for your continued cooperation during this season’s assigning process.

We still have about forty assignments available with┬ámany being at Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Randall’s Island venues. If you have not spoken to me since our initial contact and are looking for a few more matches…please give me a call.

It is very easy for an assigner to work off an availability calendar IF that calendar is current. Many of you have calendars that are BLANK…so I urge you to go on the site and update your availability calendars.

Most of you have confirmed your assignments…but if you haven’t…please do so. When you confirm your assignments…please verify the mileage and tolls. If they are incorrect…please give me a call and I will make the adjustment.

Many match times are still unknown – TBA. We are working to obtain these times and will post them when available. You might also notice that the ECAC website shows both ‘home’ and ‘venue’ on their game notices. Be sure you are going to the proper VENUE on match day.

As we approach the upcoming season, I urge you to inspect your uniforms. If you are in need of new equipment, please plan on purchasing it BEFORE the season commences. How we look…is a reflection of….who we are! Please outfit yourself with professional looking soccer attire.

I am usually home after 2pm and will accept phone calls until 9pm. Please DO NOT call my home after 9pm…I will return that favor by not calling you after 9pm either. I am ALWAYS available at my cell phone number for problems or questions.

Lou Minutoli
516-483-8982 (H)
917-991-1513 (C)

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