2011 NISOA Rules Refresher Test is now available at ArbiterSports.com

As previously announced, the 2011 NISOA NCAA rules refresher test has moved to ArbiterSports.com and is now available. The test must be taken online and submitted by August 19, 2011. The NCAA is requiring officials who wish to be considered for Division I post-season assignments to take the test and achieve 36 correct answers on the 40 question exam. NISOA members must complete the refresher test (no pass/fail) as a condition of maintaining their “member in good standing” status.

Until we find out whether the chapter can access the ArbiterSports.com database to verify whether chapter members have completed the refresher test, the Executive Board requires that each member shall retain the email or on-screen confirmation provided upon completion of the online test.

Update August 7, 2011 – For NY Metro ISOA Members Only!!  Please forward the email confirmation you receive from ArbiterSports.com when you submit the refresher test to [email protected]. Make sure you forward the confirmation email from the email address you have on record with our chapter.

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  1. Randy Vogt says:

    The test taker has the option of saving the test and returning to it another time if you do not have the time to complete it in one sitting. Randy

  2. ahmed HEGAZY says:

    what exactly the steps to take the test
    i tried twice and couldn’t find it.
    i already have an account,where should i find the test