NISOA Rules Refresher Test Will Move to in 2011

As announced at the 2011 NISOA National Convention, the NISOA Annual Rules Refresher Test will be administered online at NISOA Executive Board members will be meeting with the NCAA in two weeks to finalize the details of this agreement. The test will be posted no later than August 15, 2011.

The following information was presented by ArbiterSports at the 2011 NISOA National Convention:

The NCAA is requiring DI men’s and women’s soccer officials to pass an online test on the NCAA Soccer website in order to be eligible for a postseason assignment.  Officials MUST register with the NCAA at, complete the registration fields, and then successfully complete and pass the test within the required time frame or they will not be eligible for postseason assignment.  Officials can register as early as Monday, July 25.  Registered officials will receive emails notifying them when the test is open and reminding them of the timeline to complete it.  Additional details on eligibility for a postseason assignment can be found on the NCAA Soccer website.

Although not required for Division II and III postseason assignment, soccer officials from all levels are encouraged to register with the NCAA through its online provider, ArbiterSports.  Please note that beginning in the 2012 season, the online test will be required for Division II and III championship officials.

You are not joining ArbiterSports.  You will be registering with NCAA Soccer, for which ArbiterSports is the technology vendor and provider.

During the registration process you will be prompted to enter your email address.   If you enter an email address that is matched in the ArbiterSports assigning system, you will be prompted to use the same password as in ArbiterSports.    This will allow you to easily switch between assigning accounts and the NCAA Soccer educational area.  There is no other relationship between receiving your assignments on the ArbiterSports website and registering and participating in the NCAA Soccer website.

Register on or after Monday, July 25 at and pay attention to testing deadlines.  Your membership dues with NISOA cover your NCAA registration fees completely ($100.00 registration fee for any non-NISOA member).

A couple of points to note:

  • Rather than add another rules test, the NCAA has agreed to use the existing NISOA Rules Refresher Test as the basis for their criteria to approve officials for postseason play. We anticipate the NCAA will establish a pass/fail standard while local NISOA chapters will maintain the requirement that all members complete the Refresher Test (not pass) as a condition to maintain ‘good standing’ status.
  • We do not know how ArbiterSports will provide the local NISOA chapter with a list of members who completed the Refresher Test.
  • If you registered at last season, you will likely have to register again this season. This will probably be an annual requirement.
  • Each individual will get a customized test. Questions will be randomly drawn from a 150 question pool.

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