2011 NISOA NCAA Rules Refresher Deadline Extended

We received the following message from Dr. Don Wilbur, NCAA national coordinator of soccer officials:

Hello Soccer Officials!

As follow up to my recent correspondence regarding the 2011 NCAA Soccer Rules Test, I would like to highlight the following items:

  • Dive into the 2010 and 2011 NCAA Soccer Rules Book – this is an open book test, so refer to it as you take the exam.
  • A passing score of 90% is needed – relax and focus!
  • Take your time – there is not a time limit once you begin the test. Hit ‘save’ and return to the test when you are ready.
  • You will have 3 attempts to pass the test – if you already have attempted it twice, log back in www.ncaasoccer.arbitersports.com  and try again.
  • The deadline for taking the test is now September 5.
  • The correct answers to the test will be provided after the close date of the exam – return to www.ncaasoccer.arbitersports.com to review the test and find updated information.

Best of luck – this is going to be a fantastic year for NCAA soccer!

~ Don Wilbur, NCAA national coordinator of soccer officials

Please keep in mind that the passing score is a requirement of the NCAA for Division I post season assignment eligibility. Our chapter only requires that members take and submit the test to maintain “member in good standing” status.

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