Fighting Ejections

When a player, coach or other bench personnel is ejected for fighting, there are several additional administrative requirements for the referee. Fighting is defined in the NCAA Soccer Rules Book as, “deliberately strikes or attempts to strike another player, coach or bench personnel in a malicious manner or leaves the bench or coaching area to participate in an altercation.” The referee must:

At the time of the ejection:

  • Notify the player, head coaches and scorekeeper that the ejection was for fighting. It is very important that the players, head coach and scorekeeper are notified that the ejection was specifically for fighting before you sign the official NCAA score sheet and leave the site.

Immediately after the game:

All other ejection forms and notifications must be made as well. Applicable forms and notifications are available on our web site.

2007 Sportsmanship Awards

Each year at the annual awards dinner, the NY Metro chapter recognizes local collegiate soccer programs that exemplify good sportsmanship and fair play. Awards are based on input from chapter members from their experience throughout the season. Please make a note of deserving teams. Chapter members will receive a separate email requesting your input for the sportsmanship awards in a couple of weeks. We need your input. Thank you.

George Snizek Nominated for the Drag Racing Hall of Fame

Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan, Drew Henson and Dave DeBuscherre might be green with envy. Because although they played two sports professionally, none of them have been inducted into two sports’ Hall of Fames.

That high honor will belong to NYMISOA’s own George Snizek, who was inducted into the Long Island Ladies Soccer Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Eastern New York Soccer Hall of Fame in 2005. George has been nominated to be inducted into the East Coast Drag Times Drag Racing Hall of Fame in Henderson, North Carolina in 2008 and has also been nominated for consideration for the International Drag Racing Hall of Fame by drag racing icon, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits. Read the rest of this article »

Shirt Pulling

The NCAA soccer rules are very strict and specific regarding shirt and shorts pulling. From Page 74 of the 2007 NCAA Soccer rules book:

A.R. 108. A player holds an opponent by grabbing his or her clothing. RULING: Caution the offending player and award a direct free kick or penalty kick if the offense occurs in the penalty area.

We need to be consistent applying the Approved Ruling.

A Story from Werner

I received this email from long time ECAC assignor and NISOA Life Member, Werner Rothschild today.

Funny thing happened the other day. I wanted to watch a H.S. game in Syosset and went there to find a girls’ varsity game in progress. Just before half time one of the officials who knew me called, “Werner did you see that play?” I said, “Yes.” and the whistle blew ending the half.

A parent of one of the players comes over to me and says, “Your name is Werner? ” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Is your last name Rothschild?” Again, I said, “Yes, why?” He said, “You were my father’s soccer coach at CCNY in 1951!!” Unbelievable, you never know what can happen when you go to a game. Here is the real kicker (no pun ) he said, “You have not changed a bit from the team photograph in my father’s yearbook!!!”

Werner spends most of his time now in his Deerfield Beach, Florida residence, not far from where many former NY Metro ISOA members live.

Ejection Procedures

As a reminder, if you are the ECAC assigned referee and have to terminate the game or eject a player, make sure you fill out and submit the ECAC ejection/termination online form. In addition, you have to fill out and submit the Supplemental Ejection report. If the ejection is for fighting, you must notify the Region 2 coordinator, Neil Edkins via email. You can download these forms and view these links in the Library and Documents section of our web site.

Delaying Free Kicks

This is an excellent article with tips and techniques for dealing with players from the offending team who delay free kick restarts.

For the Integrity of Soccer: PAY ATTENTION TO THIS ONE !