A Story from Werner

I received this email from long time ECAC assignor and NISOA Life Member, Werner Rothschild today.

Funny thing happened the other day. I wanted to watch a H.S. game in Syosset and went there to find a girls’ varsity game in progress. Just before half time one of the officials who knew me called, “Werner did you see that play?” I said, “Yes.” and the whistle blew ending the half.

A parent of one of the players comes over to me and says, “Your name is Werner? ” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Is your last name Rothschild?” Again, I said, “Yes, why?” He said, “You were my father’s soccer coach at CCNY in 1951!!” Unbelievable, you never know what can happen when you go to a game. Here is the real kicker (no pun ) he said, “You have not changed a bit from the team photograph in my father’s yearbook!!!”

Werner spends most of his time now in his Deerfield Beach, Florida residence, not far from where many former NY Metro ISOA members live.

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