Chapter Elections; 2019-2020

Chapter executive board elections were held at the August 11 Chapter Mandatory Rules Meeting. Congratulations to the following members who were elected:

  • President – Saam Jalayer
  • Executive Vice President – Alan Wharton
  • 1st Vice President – Jim Memos
  • 2nd Vice President – Alric Williams

All terms commence on January 1, 2019. The secretary/treasurer, Steven Wowk is half way through his four year term and was not up for election.

2015 Chapter and Sportsmanship Awards

Once again, our members have an opportunity to vote for our officials and local coaches who have particularly distinguished themselves. Those receiving the most votes will be honored at the NYMISOA Awards Dinner on November 9. Members say, “How can I vote for anybody when I have done so few games this season?” or “I often ref with members and teams outside our area so how can I vote for anybody?” If that’s the case, then do not limit your selections to just the 2015 season but to the past couple of years as well.

The ballot is linked. You can e-mail your selections to Randy Vogt at [email protected] or send to him at 3 Hillside Lane, Syosset, NY 11791 by October 26. Thank you!

2014 Chapter and Sportsmanship Awards

Those officials who particularly excelled in their performance and those coaches who excelled in their sportsmanship this season will be honored at our Annual Chapter Awards Dinner on November 17. We need your participation once again so we can honor these refs and coaches. Please complete the linked ballot and send to Randy Vogt by US Mail or e-mail by November 1. Thank you!

Meeting Requirements for 2011

After much deliberation, your Board of Directors has decided to make this year’s meeting requirement two meetings in light of the cancellation of our Mandatory Rules Meeting because of Hurricane Irene. So for those six members who attended the Metro New Jersey Interpretation Meeting, you are required to make one more meeting. The other chapter members are required to make two chapter business meetings. Our business meetings are:

  • Monday, September 12-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Tuesday, October 4-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Tuesday, October 25-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Monday, November 14-The Sterling, Bethpage

We hope that ALL MEMBERS will be able to make these minimum requirements for this year only.

2009 Ethics Cases

The following ethics cases were reviewed by the chapter ethics committee in 2009:

  • One member did not take the fitness test, did not submit a Refresher Test answer sheet and did not attend a Rules Interpretation Meeting. This member only attended one business meeting. Lost assignments and was fined $200.
  • One member did not have all required referee shirts. Received a reprimand.
  • One member failed to attend any chapter meetings this year after not fulfilling meeting requirements in 2008. Fined $50.
  • Two probationary members did not attend the requisite number of chapter meetings. Each was fined $50 and their probation was extended another year.
  • Eleven members did not attend the requisite number of chapter meetings. All appeals were approved pending future compliance with meeting attendance requirements.
  • One member officiated a match without passing the fitness test. Received a verbal reprimand and did not officiate any intercollegiate soccer matches for the balance of the 2009 season.

Ethics cases are reported and processed in accordance with our policies and our chapter constitution.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment

During the October 27, 2009 chapter business meeting, Steve Lewin proposed an amendment to the constitution which would allow inactive members to have the right to hold chapter office. Steve described current circumstances which were making it difficult to recruit new members to the executive board. Members who no longer officiate actively still serve the chapter and membership as assessors but the current constitutional framework prevents these individuals from serving on the executive board.

In addition, we discussed making minor administrative changes which would allow the chapter president the discretion of appointing board members in cases where elected board members vacate during their term. Present wording requires the chapter president to fill vacancies via appointment. The executive board strongly recommends membership endorse the modifications as indicated here (color coded changes).

This notice satisfies the requirement for written notification to the membership. The modification will be voted up at the next scheduled business meeting on November 16, 2009.

2009 Chapter Awards

The Chapter Executive Board is soliciting input from the membership for the 2009 chapter awards. The chapter recognizes members for excellence on and off the field. The chapter also recognizes local colleges and universities for outstanding sportsmanship during the season. Please download the awards input form (PDF format) and follow the directions printed on it.

Please take a minute and RSVP for the Annual Awards Dinner as well.