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Ejection/Fighting Reports On

The 2012-2013 NCAA Soccer Rules changes require referees to report all ejections and instances of fighting ejections and referee assaults directly to the NCAA via the NCAA Soccer Central Hub at The online forms have been developed and posted. Please note the following procedural changes from prior years: Read the rest of this entry »

Violence and Safety in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference

We received this email from Nick Cinquanto, Supervisor of Soccer Officials for the Central Atlantic Collegiate Soccer Conference. Local conference teams include Concordia College, Nyack College, and Dominican College. Read the rest of this entry »

NAIA – Conduct in Competition

We received this email from the NAIA via NISOA:

This email is to inform you that the NAIA approved new standards for behavior during all NAIA competition. To address an officials’ role in these standards, we have developed an explanation document and an online ejection reporting system to facilitate the filing of those incidents.

Game official’s communication – This document explains to officials how important their role is to the NAIA and conduct in competition. We are asking every game official to assist the NAIA in its mission to change the culture of sports and ensure a better game through better sportsmanship.

Online ejection report form – The NAIA has set up one central location through NAIAHelp where a game official can fill out the ejection form online. The report will then be forwarded to the appropriate conference commissioner.

We need your help! Please communicate this information to all officials who are involved in NAIA competition. The NAIA has communicated with all NAIA conference commissioners and athletics directors regarding the new standards and the ejection reporting system.

There are few, if any, NAIA institutions in the metropolitan New York area but if you are assigned an NAIA match elsewhere, please conform to their requirements.

Fighting Ejections

When a player, coach or other bench personnel is ejected for fighting, there are several additional administrative requirements for the referee. Fighting is defined in the NCAA Soccer Rules Book as, “deliberately strikes or attempts to strike another player, coach or bench personnel in a malicious manner or leaves the bench or coaching area to participate in an altercation.” The referee must:

At the time of the ejection:

  • Notify the player, head coaches and scorekeeper that the ejection was for fighting. It is very important that the players, head coach and scorekeeper are notified that the ejection was specifically for fighting before you sign the official NCAA score sheet and leave the site.

Immediately after the game:

All other ejection forms and notifications must be made as well. Applicable forms and notifications are available on our web site.

Ejection Procedures

As a reminder, if you are the ECAC assigned referee and have to terminate the game or eject a player, make sure you fill out and submit the ECAC ejection/termination online form. In addition, you have to fill out and submit the Supplemental Ejection report. If the ejection is for fighting, you must notify the Region 2 coordinator, Neil Edkins via email. You can download these forms and view these links in the Library and Documents section of our web site.