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Policies and Procedures

Renewal Requirements

To renew as an intercollegiate soccer official, each member must comply with NISOA policy, be in "good standing" and meet the following requirements:

Business Meetings

Business meetings will be held at the Recreation Center (Community Room) of Charles Fuschillo Park, 200 Carle Road in Carle Place, New York. Members must attend two of the regularly scheduled business meetings (which includes the annual awards dinner) and the NY Metro ISOA annual rules interpretation meeting. Generally, the Executive Board will give members, who attend rules interpretation meetings hosted by the following chapters, credit for the NY Metro ISOA annual rules interpretation meeting and credit for one scheduled business meeting:

Members who attend other rules interpretation meetings are required to attend three of the four scheduled business meetings to meet the NISOA requirement to attend 3 business meetings. Since the Chapter does conduct a business meeting after the rules interpretation is complete, members attending the NY Metro ISOA rules interpretation meeting will be credited for one meeting towards the 3 meeting requirement.

Members may request to be excused from a business meeting for a variety of reasons. All member requests to be excused due to a conflicting intercollegiate soccer game assignment will be reviewed by the Executive Board after the last regularly scheduled business meeting for that calendar year.

Chapter member dues must be sent to the Chapter Treasurer by November 1 for the subsequent season. Members who are in a status other than "active" must notify the Chapter Treasurer of their plans for the subsequent season before November 1 and pay the applicable dues.

If a member changes their status after the chapter roster and dues are submitted to NISOA (usually December 1), they will generally not be entitled a dues refund but may petition the Executive Board, in writing, in extraordinary cases.

Annual Rules Refresher Test

Chapter members are required to complete the NISOA Rules Refresher Test annually. The test is administered by the NCAA on the NCAA Soccer Central Hub at

Weekly reminder emails are sent during July and August with details and deadlines.

Members are required to take the NISOA Fitness test each year. The test is identical to the U.S. Soccer Grade 6 test administered by Eastern New York. Members who have passed physical fitness/performance tests administered by the following organizations for the current registration year will be exempt from taking the NISOA Fitness test with the chapter:

NY Metro ISOA administers two NISOA fitness tests annually. The initial fitness test is usually administered in early June and the final fitness test is administered in July. NY Metro ISOA members in an active status are strongly encouraged to participate in one of the scheduled chapter fitness tests.

Within one week after the final NY Metro ISOA fitness test and in no case later than July 20, the NY Metro ISOA Executive Board will notify area assignors with a list of chapter members who have not taken a scheduled NY Metro ISOA fitness test or who have failed to achieve the minimum standard for the fitness test.

National Referees and National Referee Applicants must have their fitness test data certified as required by the NISOA National Referee Program Administrators.

Members who cannot attend a scheduled NY Metro ISOA fitness test must notify the NY Metro ISOA Executive Board, in writing, before the final NY Metro ISOA fitness test in July using this online form. All notifications must include information detailing when and where (identify the NISOA chapter administering the test) the member intends to take the NISOA fitness test. NY Metro ISOA members who take the NISOA fitness test with another chapter are responsible to obtain their test results from that chapter. A NISOA clinician, NISOA assessor or the chapter president, must certify all test results from other chapters.

Members, except for National Referees and National Referee Applicants, shall not be permitted to take the NISOA fitness test with other chapters in consecutive years.

As always, the Executive Board strongly recommends members get a complete physical evaluation from their medical professional before taking the fitness test. Take this form to your medical professional, have it signed by your medical professional and bring the form with you to the fitness test. Candidates, guests, members of other NISOA chapters and members who are returning from an inactive status are required to submit documentation of the medical evaluation to the Executive Board before taking the NISOA fitness test.

If you do not get a physical evaluation, please complete this form and bring it with you to the fitness test. Members will not be permitted to take the fitness test until they submit this form to the Executive Board at or before the fitness test.

Members who take the NISOA Fitness Test at the NISOA Referee Training Camp (E-Town) must present their signed test results to the Chapter Secretary for recording.

Fitness test results may be shared with assignors to assist in the area of classifying and de-classifying individual NISOA officials for the purpose of game assignments. Members may go here to receive a certification of their fitness test results via email.

Inactive Status

Inactive members are not required to attend chapter business meetings. Please refer to the Dues and Fitness Test sections of this policy for additional requirements.

New Candidate Policies

Candidates must meet the criteria set by NISOA to be considered for chapter membership. The fee for new candidates to attend the candidate school shall be established by the Executive Board. This fee will not be applied to any chapter or NISOA dues should the candidate successfully complete the course and meet all conditions of chapter membership.

Candidates must achieve or exceed the minimum acceptable score as defined by NISOA on the NISOA Qualifying Exam as administered by the Chapter. The Chapter will administer the NISOA Qualifying Exam once annually to candidates who attend every Chapter sponsored clinic in that year. Optionally, candidates who attend the NISOA Referee Training Camp may submit documentation of their test score on the Qualifying Exam administered at the Referee Training Camp as part of their application to join the Chapter. The Chapter will not accept chapter transfer requests from candidates who do not achieve the minimum acceptable score on the chapter administered NISOA Qualifying Exam until they complete one year of NISOA experience and meet all other chapter transfer requirements.

Candidates are required to fill out a New Member Uniform Order form and attend the NY Metro ISOA mandatory annual rules meeting as a condition of chapter membership.

Candidates are required to take the NISOA Refresher Test and submit an answer sheet as a condition of chapter membership.

Reinstatement Policy

Former chapter members may apply for reinstatement as a member, provided the following criteria are satisfied:

Policy on Multiple Assignments

NISOA has published the following guideline for accepting multiple assignments on one day.

Accepting multiple assignments on a single day is strongly discouraged by the Executive Board. Ethics infractions caused by accepting multiple assignments will be severely dealt with by the Ethics Committee. We trust our members will use good judgement when accepting assignments.


New members must subscribe to the chapter's mailing list. Even though you may be listed on the chapter roster, you may not be subscribed to the mailing list. If you are not receiving email from the chapter or are not sure if you are subscribed, contact the webmaster.

Existing members must keep their email address current.Please consult our web site privacy policy for additional information.

Email and Spam Filters

If you use spam or other email filters, please make sure you can receive email from the domain. We use email as a primary communication method with the membership. Please configure your email settings accordingly. We don't want you to miss important information.

Ejection Procedures

Go here for the latest ejection procedures.


All problems regarding ethics need to be addressed, in writing to Second Vice President. If you use email, please make sure you get confirmation that he has received your email.

Fines and other sanctions imposed by the chapter may be appealed to the Region 2 Representative.


NISOA Policy 900.371 states that membership privileges shall be suspended or revoked when:

  1. When a current member is indicted or charged with any felony or major criminal offense or charged with a violation of any statute pertaining to minors, drugs or controlled substance, such membership will automatically be suspended, pending the resolution of the indictment or charge. Conviction or adjudication of fault, guilt or violation under such indictment or charge shall result in immediate and automatic forfeiture of membership.
  2. Currently registered members must inform the NISOA of any such indictment or charge immediately upon receipt of or upon having knowledge of such indictment or charge. Failure to notify the NISOA shall itself be a basis for immediate and automatic forfeiture of NISOA membership.

NISOA members must certify their conduct status annually. Please go the certification page to submit your certification.

Clinician Responsibilities

Resources and requirements for NISOA local clinicians are available here. Each local clinician is responsible to ensure they fulfill all the requirements of the NISOA program.

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