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Annual Certification Form

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NISOA Policy Code 900.37, Membership Status Pertaining to Criminal Convictions or charges, states membership privileges shall be suspended or revoked when:

  1. When a current member is indicted or charged with any felony or major criminal offense or charged with a violation of any statute pertaining to minors, drugs or controlled substance, such membership will automatically be suspended, pending the resolution of the indictment or charge. Conviction or adjudication of fault, guilt or violation under such indictment or charge shall result in immediate and automatic forfeiture of membership.
  2. Currently registered members must inform the NISOA of any such indictment or charge immediately upon receipt of or upon having knowledge of such indictment or charge. Failure to notify the NISOA shall itself be a basis for immediate and automatic forfeiture of NISOA membership.

Please note that this form is for NY Metro ISOA members only. Start typing your name and select it when it appears in the autocomplete using your mouse/touchpad. You will have the chance to retrieve your PIN after you type in and select your name. You will notice that the PIN field is locked when this form loads. You must select your name from the dropdown in order to unlock the PIN field.

Name: PIN:

This certifies that I been charged or convicted with any criminal offense as stated above.

You are certifying that you have been charged or convicted of a criminal offense. This is an uncommon situation. Please double check your response before submitting.

There your PIN is incorrect or there is a problem that prevents you from certifying online. Make sure you are typing/selecting your last name BEFORE you enter your PIN. Please try again or contact a member of the executive board as soon as possible.

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