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NCAA Soccer Rule 12.13; Assault on a Referee

One of the challenges referees face throughout the college soccer season is understanding and applying the NCAA Soccer Rules particularly in areas that differ from other governing bodies like US Soccer or the NFHSAA. NISOA continually emphasizes the importance of understanding intercollegiate soccer match reporting requirements especially where player eligibility issues (a significant source of protests) are involved. Read the rest of this entry »

2013 NCAA Soccer Ejection Reporting

All ejections in NCAA soccer matches must be reported to the NCAA via the NCAA Soccer Central Hub within 24 hours of the match. Some conferences may have additional reporting requirements. As an example, ECAC requires all ejections and terminated games to be reported via the ECAC web site as well.

Junior College (NJCAA) ejections are reported on the match box score form.

If you have any questions about reporting red cards or other unusual events, please contact your assignor immediately after the match.

NCAA Soccer Fighting Ejection Reporting

The NCAA Soccer Rules now require the referee to report all ejections, fighting referee and assault ejections through the NCAA Soccer Central Hub. The ejection protocol for fighting is available on the NISOA web site. Please be aware that in the case of a fighting or referee assault ejection, the referee must file two reports, the “Red Card Form” and the “Fighting and Referee Assault Form.”

Ejection/Fighting Reports On

The 2012-2013 NCAA Soccer Rules changes require referees to report all ejections and instances of fighting ejections and referee assaults directly to the NCAA via the NCAA Soccer Central Hub at The online forms have been developed and posted. Please note the following procedural changes from prior years: Read the rest of this entry »

NCAA Soccer Rules for Fighting

NCAA Soccer Rule states that, “A player, coach or bench personnel shall be ejected if he or she is guilty of fighting or leaves the coaching area to participate in an altercation.”  Also be aware that Rule states, “A coach or team representative may leave the coaching area during an altercation, providing it is an attempt to restore order.”

In the case where the entire team leaves the coaching area to participate in an altercation, each team member should be shown a red card and ejected for fighting except where Rule allows.

Fighting Ejections

When a player, coach or other bench personnel is ejected for fighting, there are several additional administrative requirements for the referee. Fighting is defined in the NCAA Soccer Rules Book as, “deliberately strikes or attempts to strike another player, coach or bench personnel in a malicious manner or leaves the bench or coaching area to participate in an altercation.” The referee must:

At the time of the ejection:

  • Notify the player, head coaches and scorekeeper that the ejection was for fighting. It is very important that the players, head coach and scorekeeper are notified that the ejection was specifically for fighting before you sign the official NCAA score sheet and leave the site.

Immediately after the game:

All other ejection forms and notifications must be made as well. Applicable forms and notifications are available on our web site.