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NY Metro Policy on NISOA Uniform Update

As you may know, NISOA has approved a new uniform design and sock for 2018. Our chapter strongly recommends all members acquire the new uniforms immediately considering the significant savings available for a limited time. While the older grid style jersey design is an approved option, Official Sports International is discontinuing production of these jerseys.

Members who do not purchase the new uniforms may risk not being eligible for assignments as some assignors may consider the ability to dress alike as selection criteria.

Chapter policy allows all approved uniforms to be worn (older grid style, new style, three stripe sock and new one stripe sock) in all colors provided all of the officiating crew is dressed alike. As always, we strongly suggest the referee contact all members of the match crew before the game to confirm match details including the planned uniform for officials.

NISOA Uniform Deal

Our friends at Eastern New York Soccer Association have partnered with a local Official Sports International distributor to provide genuine OSI uniforms at a significant discount. The discount has been extended to NISOA uniforms as well. Go to Eastern New York’s online storefront and place your order.

NISOA Green Shirt

The state of our chapter treasury is excellent. As such, the Executive Board decided to authorize the purchase of a single short sleeve green grid shirt for each member in good standing. Here are the conditions of the purchase:

  • You must indicate your shirt size on the website at this link. Do not send us an email with your size. If your size is not logged on the web site, no shirt for you.
  • You must be a member in good standing with the chapter.
  • You must be in a dues paying status for 2013.
  • Members who are inactive for the 2012 season may choose a one time chapter dues credit for 2013 if they register as an inactive member with the chapter for 2013. If you choose a dues credit, you still must pay NISOA national dues.
  • Active members are not eligible for a chapter dues credit.
  • Green striped socks are not a part of this initiative.

We intend to place the uniform order during the offseason and have the shirts available for pickup at the 2013 fitness tests and rules meeting.

Summary of the January 2012 NISOA Executive Council Meeting

The NISOA Executive Council held a scheduled meeting in Kansas City, Missouri from January 12, 2012 through January 14, 2012. The following issues were discussed/approved:

  • Lime green was approved as another alternate shirt color.
  • Major changes to the NISOA National Referee program were approved including:
    • Eliminating the current two year cycle for recertification and new applicants. Recertification and new applicants will be processed annually.
    • Modifications to the annual assessment requirements for National Referees.
    • Single day recertification/certification clinics will be located throughout the country, hosted by select local chapters.
    • National Referees and National Referee Applicants will take the fitness test with their local chapter and not at the recertification clinic.
    • Elimination of the National Referee Candidate category. Upon approved application, successful attendance at the clinic and attaining the minimum acceptable average score on the fitness test, the applicant will become a National Referee.
    • A revised application form was posted with lower application fees.
  • Renewal dues will not increase for the 2013 season.

Complete and detailed information regarding the National Referee Program changes will be posted on the NISOA web site in the upcoming weeks.

NISOA Policy on Jewelry

NISOA has issued a new draft policy code 900.241, Mandatory Dress Code – Jewelry which states:

NISOA officials will not wear visible jewelry when officiating a collegiate soccer game. This includes but is not limited to pierced earrings, necklaces, bracelets, tongue piercings, or other items. NISOA officials will be at the same level of standard that is expected of players and the NCAA Rule Book.

Compliance with this policy will be mandatory pending approval at the Annual General Meeting in Frisco, Texas on July 16, 2011.

NY Metro ISOA Uniform Policy

The NISOA Executive Board modified the Dress Code policy at their January 2010 meeting to allow officials to wear white striped socks with all current referee shirt colors. Consequently, our chapter’s executive board has established a chapter policy that for all intercollegiate soccer games where all members of the officiating crew are NY Metro ISOA members, all officials shall be dressed alike and wear black socks with three white stripes.

Members must be prepared to have all required uniform items (including socks with colored stripes) when they are officiating with members of other NISOA chapters since this uniform policy is limited to just the New York Metro ISOA chapter.

Yeshiva University Women’s Soccer Uniform Exceptions

We received this email from Joe Bednarsh, Athletic Director at Yeshiva University:

Please note:
The Yeshiva University women’s athletic teams have received a waiver to the NCAA uniform rule that allows them to wear various types of clothing in deference to the modesty issues of Orthodox Judaism. A copy of that waiver is attached (pdf).

Please share this information with all applicable personnel and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Many thanks

The following is an excerpt from the NCAA’s waiver letter:

This letter is in response to your recent request for a waiver to the NCAA’s uniform policies for religious reasons. The NCAA has granted a waiver allowing all the women’s teams at Yeshiva University to substitute skirts, long-sleeve undershirts, tights, and head coverings for portions of the competition uniforms. As you noted in your letter, all of the listed items must be made of the same uniform material, be identical in color, and in all other ways comply with the NCAA rules and regulations regarding uniforms.

Yeshiva University is responsible for notifying opposing teams of the waiver. Additionally, all coaches should keep a copy of the waiver on hand and the waiver should be presented to game officials and coordinators before contests as appropriate.

Again, this waiver includes all women’s teams, so individual student-athletes will not need a separate waiver.

Please respect this waiver accordingly.