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ECAC Moves to ArbiterSports for Assigning

ECAC has moved their soccer assigning function to Current ECAC officials should have received a “welcome” message from ArbiterSports. Please sign in to your ArbiterSports account and accept membership in the ECAC group. You may have to sign out of your Arbiter account and sign back in to accept membership in the ECAC group. We also recommend enabling schedule sharing by going into your profile (My Account-> Profile -> Sharing).

If you did not receive the “welcome” email from ArbiterSports, please contact Jack Sweeney so you can be added to the ECAC group.

2013 NCAA Soccer Ejection Reporting

All ejections in NCAA soccer matches must be reported to the NCAA via the NCAA Soccer Central Hub within 24 hours of the match. Some conferences may have additional reporting requirements. As an example, ECAC requires all ejections and terminated games to be reported via the ECAC web site as well.

Junior College (NJCAA) ejections are reported on the match box score form.

If you have any questions about reporting red cards or other unusual events, please contact your assignor immediately after the match.

2013 ECAC Assignment Fee Message

From Steve Rossetti at ECAC:

Ladies and Gentlemen:  With the soccer season upon us I have a few reminders that we all need to adhere to!

Assignment fee is now due.  It is based on the number of games you had assigned to you on this past Tuesday, August 20.  $10 for the middle, $7 for an AR, $8 for a two person game.  The assignment fee needs to be postmarked by September 17th.  A $25 late fee is due after 9/17.  Make the check payable to the ECAC, 1311 Craigville Beach Road, Centerville, Ma 02632, Attn: Sandra Hodgdon: Soccer

Cliff McCrath and I had a long discussion about the ECAC assignment fee.  He understands it and we are on the same page.

Referee’s contact your AR’s at lease 48 hours before game day.  Confirm the assignment, time of arrival, field location and parking, uniform colors, etc.

Arrival at game site 30 minute minimum for weekday games, an hour minimum for weekend games.  Important to check in with game administrator and/or coaches upon arrival to let them know that you are present.

Some schools and conferences do not want you to make the decision if a player is really injured and fit to play.  Have a professional conversation with trainers before the game.  It is not solely our job to beckon them onto the field.  If a player is down stop the clock and beckon the trainer onto the field.  It is up to the coaches to work within the substitution rules.  Make sure that we all know them.  If a coach decides to play short in the first half so his star player can get back into the game, the player can re-enter on the fly.  Make sure you know the substitution rules, thank you.

Being professional is key in all ECAC assignments.  Silence can never be misquoted !  Don’t fuel bad behavior with your own bad behavior.

At every athletic directors meeting that I go to, they all want the same thing, call the games tight, don’t let it get out of control.  Don’t lecture or yell at the players and coaches, just card them if they deserve it, thank you.  I am still waiting for the first phone call or email that said the officials called the game too tight.  I get many calls and emails about officials letting the game get out of hand !

Signing the game book or sheet may be difficult as it is all done electronically.  Don’t make an issue out of it.  Don’t run off after the game, put in the proper effort.  Watch the line after the game.

For all Community College games fill out their “card” forms if they have any.  Report all ejections to me.

Report all ejections to me via the ECAC ejection report form on the ECAC web site, thank you.

Contact me with any questions or concerns, have a great season, make the ECAC proud, thank you !

Steve Rossetti

Assistant Adminstrator for Officiating

Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC)

1311 Craigville Beach Road

Centerville, Ma 02632

NY Metro members should contact Jack Sweeney regarding their local assignments and issues.


ECAC’s policy for canceled games is to reassign the affected officials with another game. If, at the end of the season, there are ECAC assigned games which had been cancelled and not filled with other ECAC games, there could be a credit carry forward to the following season for the fees associated with those games. At the end of the season, each official who had a significant number of games canceled should request a credit through Steve Rossetti at ECAC. Steve’s decision regarding any credit is final.

Since officials don’t pay an assigning fee on games assigned after the August 15 deadline, we anticipate only officials who had several games canceled after they paid their assigning fee will receive a credit on their fee for the following year.

New ECAC Memorandum of Understanding

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ECAC and the Eastern ISOA (comprised of chapters within ECAC’s area of assigning responsibility) is in its final draft stage. As ECAC’s assigning responsibilities in our chapter’s geographical area have diminished significantly since the last Agreement in 2005, our chapter did not actively participate in the negotiations. The new agreement runs through the 2015 season. The agreement features positive changes in the referee fees as well as a substantial change in the method of calculation for the officials’ registration fee payable to ECAC. Read the rest of this entry »

ECAC Match Fees for 2010

ECAC has extended their memorandum of understanding with the northeastern NISOA chapters for an additional year. ECAC game fees for the 2010 season will be as indicated in the memorandum of understanding for the calendar year 2009 (Division III referee fee will be $185 and Division III AR will be $130).

In 2009, ECAC kept the match fees at the 2008 rates. While our chapter executive board did not endorse ECAC’s decision last year, we believe this extension and the match fees are a good thing for our officials and the conference.

Mount Saint Vincent Cancels Men’s Soccer for 2009

The College of Mount Saint Vincent (Riverdale, NY) has canceled their men’s soccer program for the 2009 season. Please note only the men’s program is affected.