ECAC Fees for 2009

Last month, the ECAC contacted several NISOA organizations, including our chapter, requesting endorsement of an officials’ fee freeze for 2009. Fees were scheduled to increase by $5 in 2009 according to our Memorandum of Understanding with ECAC. This initiative from ECAC was in response to requests from the conference commissioners served by ECAC based on the declining economy and budget cuts in all athletic and academic areas. The proposed fee freeze has apparently been extended to all sports assigned by ECAC.

Our Executive Board considered this request and told ECAC that it was unacceptable as presented. According to ECAC’s response to us, “your NISOA/EISOA colleagues in the other regions of our membership are enthusiastically supporting this freeze initiative. From the early feedback we have received, it appears the other officiating organizations within our ECAC officiating bureau will also endorse the fee freeze.” We have had subsequent discussions with ECAC and continue to maintain our position not to endorse the proposed fee freeze.

We expect imminent notification from ECAC to all soccer officials that fees for the 2009 season will remain at the stipulated 2008 fees. More details on this issue are available to registered members on the chapter message board.

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  1. John Puglisi says:

    Yesterday, ECAC notified the conferences they serve that officials’ fees for 2009 would remain at the 2008 rates. Full text of this announcement is available.

    Our chapter did not endorse this fee freeze.

    • Keith Bantz, M.D. says:

      If the ECAC forces us to accept this freeze I would not officiate this coming fall at the collegiate level. I’ll take a season off and officiate high school boys games in Suffolk County. I did a similar thing when we had our one-weekend strike against the ECAC when they attempted to impose an agenda on us without our permission or consultation. If people treat you with comtempt there is not reason to cooperate with them. I look forward to our Board being able to reason with the ECAC but I am not too optimistic about a deal being made in time for me to get aboard for this coming fall. Every member— let’s stay strong!

      • John Puglisi says:

        Keith..there are no plans to discuss the fee freeze with ECAC any further. ECAC has made their final decision. This freeze is effective for all sports ECAC assigns, not just soccer.

    • George Snizek says:

      I’m glad our chapter did not endorse this pay freeze. We as Officials have our costs going up to. The price of gas has started to increase again and Officials having to travel to distant games get no additional compensation. Our chapter signed a contract , lets stay with it.