2009 Ethics Cases

The following ethics cases were reviewed by the chapter ethics committee in 2009:

  • One member did not take the fitness test, did not submit a Refresher Test answer sheet and did not attend a Rules Interpretation Meeting. This member only attended one business meeting. Lost assignments and was fined $200.
  • One member did not have all required referee shirts. Received a reprimand.
  • One member failed to attend any chapter meetings this year after not fulfilling meeting requirements in 2008. Fined $50.
  • Two probationary members did not attend the requisite number of chapter meetings. Each was fined $50 and their probation was extended another year.
  • Eleven members did not attend the requisite number of chapter meetings. All appeals were approved pending future compliance with meeting attendance requirements.
  • One member officiated a match without passing the fitness test. Received a verbal reprimand and did not officiate any intercollegiate soccer matches for the balance of the 2009 season.

Ethics cases are reported and processed in accordance with our policies and our chapter constitution.

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