Medgar Evers Cancels All Women’s Soccer Matches for 2011 Season

The athletic department at Medgar Evers College advised us that they have canceled all matches on their 2011 women’s soccer schedule.

2011 Junior College Rules Differences

Jack Sweeney, the Region XV assignor, sent us the following memo describing the rules differences for NJCAA games. Please note that the NJCAA has not modified their procedures since the 2009 season. A printer-friendly version of the rules differences memo is available here for download. Read the rest of this article »

Meeting Requirements for 2011

After much deliberation, your Board of Directors has decided to make this year’s meeting requirement two meetings in light of the cancellation of our Mandatory Rules Meeting because of Hurricane Irene. So for those six members who attended the Metro New Jersey Interpretation Meeting, you are required to make one more meeting. The other chapter members are required to make two chapter business meetings. Our business meetings are:

  • Monday, September 12-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Tuesday, October 4-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Tuesday, October 25-Knights of Columbus Hall, New Hyde Park
  • Monday, November 14-The Sterling, Bethpage

We hope that ALL MEMBERS will be able to make these minimum requirements for this year only.