2011 Junior College Rules Differences

Jack Sweeney, the Region XV assignor, sent us the following memo describing the rules differences for NJCAA games. Please note that the NJCAA has not modified their procedures since the 2009 season. A printer-friendly version of the rules differences memo is available here for download.

August 1, 2009

TO:  NJCAA Soccer Coaches
FROM: Men and Women’s Soccer Chairs

RE: NJCAA Soccer Procedures – All Divisions Both Men and Women

Just a clarification on substitutions, timing and ejections procedures to follow at all NJCAA soccer games, so we can be consistent at each site.


1.             Unlimited substitutions (NJCAA exception to the NCAA rule)
2.             A team may sub on their own throw-ins, their own corner kicks, and any goal kick.
3.             If the proper team does sub, and the other team has a sub waiting at half-field, they may also sub at that time.
4.             Subs should always be waiting a half-field to enter the game, not in front of their team bench.
5.             When a player receives a yellow card, a substitute must report for this player, until the next legal substitution period. This includes the goalkeeper.

Timing Procedures:

1.             The clock does not stop during substitutions (Exception to the NCAA rule)
2.             The clock only stops on goals, injuries where the referee indicates stoppage of play, and when the referee is issuing caution and ejection cards (referee indicates stoppage of play)
3.             At the end of the game, the clock operator is to call out the last ten seconds, and sound the horn, indicating the end of the match.


1.             two-ten minute sudden-death periods


1.             All caution (yellow cards) and ejection (red cards) should be reported on the NJCAA caution/roster form, forwarded to the Regional Director (signature) after the regional tournament. This form should then be forwarded to the national chair in their respective national tournaments. All teams advancing from the district tournaments should report all cards to the national chair.


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