ECAC Assigning

Officials registered with ECAC received the following information from Steve Rossetti at ECAC regarding their pending change of assigning software:

ATTENTION: NEW OFFICIALS. If you were a new ECAC official after July 1, 2006, please notify Steve Rossetti at the ECAC with your email address, SS#, home address, phone numbers, so they can all be entered into the new system under your name.
ATTENTION: INACTIVE OFFICIALS. If you were an inactive official during the 2005-2006 school year, you need to notify Steve Rossetti so that he can activate you and update your personal data in the system.

New officials may use this form to get this information to Steve so you can receive ECAC assignments this season.

Extra Badges Available

AsNew NISOA Referee Badge you all should be aware of by now, NISOA has redesigned its referee badge. New badges were mailed to all NISOA officials and are to be used on the referee uniform for all collegiate matches. The old NISOA badge is still acceptable on warm-ups and golf shirts. I repeat — the new badge is to be worn on the uniform for all collegiate matches.

If anyone is interested in having an extra badge, the chapter has purchased one hundred (100) of them. They will be available for purchase at $5 each at the interpretation meeting on 25 August.

NISOA Annual Convention

This year, our Region and the New York State ISOA chapter are hosting the NISOA annual convention in Oneonta, New York from August 2-4, 2007. Every year, the hosting chapter organizes the event and provides raffle prizes for the participants. We received the following information from the convention organization committee:

One of the enjoyable traditions at the annual Convention award dinner is the chance to receive a door prize. In the past chapters and attendees donate an item that is traditional to their geographic area.

Some of the past door prizes have included: Maine – a gift certificate for live lobster; Lehigh Valley – a giant Hersey kiss; Northern California -local vino; Montana – boysenberry jam; New Jersey – salt water taffy; Arizona – local steak sauce. As you can tell, it is never the price that is important -but rather the conveyance of the local flavor.

This year with the convention centered around the Soccer Hall of Fame, I ask you to continue the tradition.

If you or your company would like to donate a door prize or if you have an idea for a uniquely New York City door prize, please leave a comment here. If you would rather keep your participation discreet, you can contact the Executive Board directly. Thank you in advance.

Guest Attendance at the Annual Rules Clinic

Our chapter welcomes all NISOA members and other guests to our annual rules clinic. We would like to ask our guests and members of other chapters who want to attend our rules interpretation clinic to fill out this form. Your cooperation will help us properly plan for the event. Active members of the NY Metro ISOA chapter should not submit the guest form.

Membership Categories

During the off season, the Executive Board, led by Jerry Stoopack, has been reviewing our constitution, specifically the categories of membership. The existing categories in Article III-Membership of the chapter’s constitution do not correspond with the categories in NISOA policy.

The Board prepared a new membership article which will be presented at the annual rules interpretation meeting. According to our constitution, if this revision is accepted as proposed, a general vote will occur at the September 5 chapter business meeting. The new membership article is now available for review. A summary of the changes follows:

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2007 NCAA Rule Book

The 2007 NCAA Men’s and Women’s soccer rule book has been published is available for download (Adobe Acrobat Reader required).

Overall, the rule changes are minor. The most significant rule changes include:

  • The restart for temporary suspensions of play such as an injury will be a drop ball. Indirect free kick restart for the team in clear possession has been eliminated.
  • Administrative procedures allowing a formal protest have been included in the rule book.

Specific rule interpretations and points of emphasis will be presented at the mandatory rules clinic in August.