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Article III - Membership

All qualified soccer officials in the geographical area defined in Article I are eligible for membership in the association. Membership shall be open to persons who have met the minimum requirements according to NISOA policy and of the Examination and Membership Committee of the chapter.

Membership shall be of the following types.

1.    Active - those members who have successfully completed their probationary* period, are in good standing, are available to officiate and are members of one chapter only.

A member "in good standing" is an official who:

*Probationary- those members who have attended the new candidates' school, passed the NISOA Qualifying Examination with a grade of at least 75%, passed the NISOA physical fitness test and have been recommended for membership by the Membership and Examination Committee, or any member deemed by the executive committee as not being in good standing . Successful candidates shall be notified within two weeks of the conclusion of all examinations and recommended for probationary status commencing at the annual meeting prior to the ensuing season. Probationary members agree to be bound by the rulings of the association and understand that violation of NISOA or NYMISOA policies may result in sanction, suspension or expulsion. The probationary period shall be two years if rated "satisfactory" during that time.

2.    Associate - Associate membership shall be open to any and all persons interested in the sport of soccer and in the association. Associate members shall not have the right to vote, hold office or officiate. Annual national dues shall be one-half of that paid by active members. Chapter dues will be determined by the executive committee.

3.    Honorary - Members who have distinguished themselves in their service to the game of soccer and NYMISOA. Honorary membership may be bestowed by a majority vote of the executive committee of the chapter. Honorary members shall not have the right to vote, hold office, and shall not pay dues.

Exception - NISOA life members may vote.

4.    Life Membership - Only the NISOA Executive Committee may award life membership. Life membership may be awarded to those persons who are or have been active members of the association and who have distinguished themselves in the interests of soccer. Those members of the chapter who are designated as "Life" members by NISOA shall be considered "Honorary" members of the chapter.

5.    Affiliate Membership - Persons interested in serving the association as an assessor. Dues shall be set by the executive committee.

6.    Inactive Membership - Inactive status may be granted to any active member for a period not to exceed one (1) year. Active members shall petition the chapter Executive Committee in writing to request inactive status. Inactive members shall be responsible for all NISOA and chapter dues. Inactive members shall not have the right to officiate intercollegiate soccer games, shall not have the right to vote or hold local or national office during that period.

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