NISOA Annual Convention

This year, our Region and the New York State ISOA chapter are hosting the NISOA annual convention in Oneonta, New York from August 2-4, 2007. Every year, the hosting chapter organizes the event and provides raffle prizes for the participants. We received the following information from the convention organization committee:

One of the enjoyable traditions at the annual Convention award dinner is the chance to receive a door prize. In the past chapters and attendees donate an item that is traditional to their geographic area.

Some of the past door prizes have included: Maine – a gift certificate for live lobster; Lehigh Valley – a giant Hersey kiss; Northern California -local vino; Montana – boysenberry jam; New Jersey – salt water taffy; Arizona – local steak sauce. As you can tell, it is never the price that is important -but rather the conveyance of the local flavor.

This year with the convention centered around the Soccer Hall of Fame, I ask you to continue the tradition.

If you or your company would like to donate a door prize or if you have an idea for a uniquely New York City door prize, please leave a comment here. If you would rather keep your participation discreet, you can contact the Executive Board directly. Thank you in advance.

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