2007 ECAC Availability Update

You will be receiving an email from Alan Wharton in the next week or so with an attachment for your 2007 ECAC availability. Please download the attachment, fill it out and fax it back to Alan. The availability form will have detailed instructions.

Many institutions have not provided ECAC with their 2007 schedule yet. The goal is to complete the ECAC assigning process by July 1.

Alan is using the email addresses he has on his system. If you have recently changed your email address, please let him know by filling out this form or sending him an email if you want to keep a record copy.

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  1. John Crean says:

    FYI… I read the ‘News” message (5/2/07) concerning Alan Wharton and ECAC 2007 availability and I followed-up with a friendly reminder to Alan on 5/9 with my e-mail contacts; I did not receive a reply as yet from Alan and I am concerned about history repeating itself, that is, fortuitously I was not included in his 2006 ECAC assigning; Please advise.

  2. Bob Soskis says:

    John, I have gotten thru to AW on this issue. I also had questions about when,when, when. He claims that ECAC is in a state of flux. What is causing this, I am not sure. ECAC has been late in this area year after year. I would suggest that we all accept other assignments and stick with them. Perhaps ECAC will learn a lesson if they cannot talk us into turning back the games we already accepted, even if they are lower level games….Bob Soskis

  3. John Puglisi says:

    I have not received an availablility request from ECAC yet.