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NCAA Soccer Rules; 6.4.3 Scorekeeper

Many scorekeepers exclusively¬†use a computer generated scoresheet to record the events of the game. In some cases, the scorekeeper does not print out a scoresheet for the officiating crew to review and sign. So what action should the officiating crew take in this case? Read the rest of this entry »

Pre-match Site Check In

Please make sure you check in with the home team site administration when you arrive at the match site, prior to inspecting the field and match equipment. Do not assume the site administration knows you are present. Advise the site administrator whether you will use the onsite locker room facilities at half time or at the end of the match. Pre-match communication goes a long way toward increasing professionalism and reducing anxiety.

NY Metro ISOA Uniform Policy

The NISOA Executive Board modified the Dress Code policy at their January 2010 meeting to allow officials to wear white striped socks with all current referee shirt colors. Consequently, our chapter’s executive board has established a chapter policy that for all intercollegiate soccer games where all members of the officiating crew are NY Metro ISOA members, all officials shall be dressed alike and wear black socks with three white stripes.

Members must be prepared to have all required uniform items (including socks with colored stripes) when they are officiating with members of other NISOA chapters since this uniform policy is limited to just the New York Metro ISOA chapter.

Violence and Safety in the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference

We received this email from Nick Cinquanto, Supervisor of Soccer Officials for the Central Atlantic Collegiate Soccer Conference. Local conference teams include Concordia College, Nyack College, and Dominican College. Read the rest of this entry »

Confirm Match Venue

Please be sure to confirm your match venue. Several schools have changed their game sites and others have not even decided where they are playing yet. Medgar Evers is splitting their matches between the Aviator Soccer Complex and Old Boys and Girls High School on Rutland and Troy in Brooklyn. St.Joseph’s in Suffolk has scheduled a few of their matches in October at the Centereach Soccer Park on Horse Block Road.

The ECAC website is NOT very clear to everyone when it comes to WHERE the teams are playing.

Be sure to read your GAME NOTICE completely and look for alternate game sites or COMMENTS concerning the venue. Calling the school to confirm the site is also a GOOD IDEA!!

Pre-Match Communication

Please remember your pre-match communication requirements. The recommended procedure is:

  • At least 72 hours before the match, the assigned referee will contact both of the assigned assistant referees to confirm the assignment and coordinate specific details. If you use email or leave a voice message, you must make sure you get confirmation that the message was received.
  • 48 hours before the match, the assigned referee must make sure both assistant referees have confirmed the assignment or attempt to contact them again. If an assistant referee has not been contacted by the referee, the assistant referee must contact the referee and the other assistant referee to confirm the assignment. At this point, telephone contact is preferred to email.
  • 24 hours before the match, if all three officials have not been in contact with each other, we strongly recommend the referee and the assistant referee contact the match assignor and advise them of the situation while continuing attempts to contact the unresponsive official.

This procedure will only break down if ALL 3 officials do not do their job.

Match Preparation

Has this ever happened to you? You show up at a site for a scheduled match only to find neither team had the game scheduled. If this has never happened to you, you are either very lucky or you know how to properly prepare for the game assignment. Now that you are assigned games from several different assignors and their particular web site (or in the case of the ECAC, two assignment pages for a single game in the metro NY area), there are going to be conflicts.

I suggest you check the home institution’s athletic web page as well. Most schools have their schedule and athletic department contacts listed. If you have a scheduled match that is not shown on the host school’s web site, you should contact the athletic department to confirm the game site and time. If it’s a CUNYAC game, you should contact the athletic department in all cases since venues and times change frequently. This simple procedure takes only a couple of minutes. Verifying the game details and coordinating communication among the officiating crew is part of your professional responsibility. If you are too busy to do this or think it is not your responsibility, do not accept the assignment.

You can read more about referee match preparation in our Clinicians’ Corner.