Arbiter Availability and User Tips

Thanks to Marc Silverstein from the Rockland/Westchester ISOA Chapter for passing along the following tips for officials using the ArbiterSports assigning system:

  • Availability when joining a new group:

Availability (calendar blocks) can be set differently by groups.  When an official joins a new group, availability does NOT carry over from other groups.  It needs to be re-entered manually.  Once in a group, any calendar blocks that you enter will apply to all groups.  You can check your blocks by group on the BLOCKS screen.  Blocks by group will display below the calendar.

  • How declining games affect availability:

When you are assigned to a game and decline it, the date and time of the game will be blocked, but ONLY for the assignor who assigned the game.  There was a case where an official was assigned to a game by a conference assignor who was required to use a different assigning system.  Afterwards, the assignor assigned the official to a game using Arbiter that conflicted with the first assignment.  The official declined the game and explained the reason to the assignor.  

  • Sharing:

When assigning games, Arbiter lets assignors know if an official has another game that day by turning the date RED.  However, unless sharing is enabled, assignors will have no idea of the time or location of that other game.  Arbiter thinks that you can make it, but it is not very reliable.  If you enable sharing, it may also enable assignors to contact the other assignors and discuss whether an official might be released.

Sharing is enabled from your PROFILE.  

Simply check all of the boxes in the left column, the middle column and the right column.

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