2012 NISOA National Referee Program

The next NISOA National Referee Program biennial cycle will start in 2012. NISOA members who meet the National Referee Program criteria and wish to become a National Referee Applicant should schedule the required assessments for the upcoming season as soon as possible. Prospective applicants should have all the required assessments and paperwork ready for when the application cycle begins in early 2012.

The NISOA web site has all the information you need to participate in the National Referee Program. Mark Butler (Amherst, NY) is our region’s area coordinator for the National Referee Program.

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  1. John Puglisi says:

    The NISOA National Referee Program has been completely revised for 2012. The program will move to annual certification and recertification rather than biennially.

    Please see this announcement on the NISOA web site for more information.