New ECAC Memorandum of Understanding

A new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ECAC and the Eastern ISOA (comprised of chapters within ECAC’s area of assigning responsibility) is in its final draft stage. As ECAC’s assigning responsibilities in our chapter’s geographical area have diminished significantly since the last Agreement in 2005, our chapter did not actively participate in the negotiations. The new agreement runs through the 2015 season. The agreement features positive changes in the referee fees as well as a substantial change in the method of calculation for the officials’ registration fee payable to ECAC.

ECAC Soccer Game Fees

The game fees are as indicated below (click to enlarge):

ECAC Game Fees 2011-2015

ECAC Officials’ Registration Fee

The fee payable to ECAC has changed from its historic flat fee to a per-game fee. The following excerpt from the MOU describes the changes:

  • Each Referee in either a two or three-person crew is assessed $10 for each ECAC soccer assignment on his/her schedule as of August 15th of each year. (Example: 10 Referee assignments = $100 registration fee).
  • Each Assistant Referee in a three-person crew is assessed $8 for each ECAC A.R. soccer assignment on his/her schedule as of August 15th of each year. (Example: 8 A.R. assignments @ $7 each = $56 registration fee).
  • Example: 10 Referee assignments and 4 Assistant Referee assignments, official will pay $132 in ECAC Registration Fee. 10 @$10 plus 4@$8 = $132.
  • Registration Fee Deadline: September 15th. Failure to submit your registration fee on or before the deadline date will result in a $15 late fee.

A draft copy of the entire agreement (pdf) can be downloaded here.

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