Goal Celebration Interpretation

During a recent match, a male player took off his shirt in celebration after scoring a goal. A question was asked on our message board about whether the NCAA considers this action misconduct. C. Cliff McCrath, NISOA’s Executive Director and The NCAA’s Soccer Rules Committee Secretary – Rules Editor’s interpretation follows:

NCAA rules do not include many ‘shopping list’ items and, therefore, do not specify a mandatory caution for this behavior. What does exist are two rules ~ 12.1.1. and 12.4.9. ~ that provide ample latitude for the referee to make discretionary judgments about whether such action warrants a caution or ejection. ~ C. Cliff McCrath, Secretary-Rules Editor, Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee; Executive Director, NISOA

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  1. George Snizek says:

    Sounds like he wants you to use FIFA law 18, Common Sense