Yeshiva University Women’s Soccer Uniform Exceptions

We received this email from Joe Bednarsh, Athletic Director at Yeshiva University:

Please note:
The Yeshiva University women’s athletic teams have received a waiver to the NCAA uniform rule that allows them to wear various types of clothing in deference to the modesty issues of Orthodox Judaism. A copy of that waiver is attached (pdf).

Please share this information with all applicable personnel and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Many thanks

The following is an excerpt from the NCAA’s waiver letter:

This letter is in response to your recent request for a waiver to the NCAA’s uniform policies for religious reasons. The NCAA has granted a waiver allowing all the women’s teams at Yeshiva University to substitute skirts, long-sleeve undershirts, tights, and head coverings for portions of the competition uniforms. As you noted in your letter, all of the listed items must be made of the same uniform material, be identical in color, and in all other ways comply with the NCAA rules and regulations regarding uniforms.

Yeshiva University is responsible for notifying opposing teams of the waiver. Additionally, all coaches should keep a copy of the waiver on hand and the waiver should be presented to game officials and coordinators before contests as appropriate.

Again, this waiver includes all women’s teams, so individual student-athletes will not need a separate waiver.

Please respect this waiver accordingly.

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