A Letter from Nick Kvasic

Longtime NY Metro ISOA member and Staten Island resident, Nick Kvasic recently transferred to the New Jersey Metro chapter. The recently established New Jersey Metro chapter is an extremely well run and respected chapter which is also very convenient to NISOA members who live in Staten Island. Here is a transcription of the letter Nick recently wrote to our chapter’s executive board.

As a member of this chapter since 1986, I’d like to say thanks to every member, starting with our board. As you may know already, my decision to switch to the N.J. [Metro] Chapter was based solely on convenience regarding our meetings.

I’m only about 10-15 minutes away from Kean University, where their meetings are held and the traffic to it from S.I. generally, is not an issue.

My years with this chapter have been a memorable and pleasant experience, from our meetings to the annual runs, but especially the games we worked together. This is a good group of individuals and quite professional.

I’m looking forward to working with everyone again in the future! My best wishes and a successful season to all.

Nick Kvasic

Our chapter’s loss is certainly NJ Metro’s gain.

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  1. George Snizek says:

    It was always enjoyable to work with Nick, he is a gentleman and a good Official too. George Snizek

  2. Jim Memos says:

    Hey Nick……All the very best to you. It’s been a pleasure but I don’t consider it a loss because it don’t matter to what chapter or state you belong to, we will still be on the same team (maybe differenty fields) down the road anyway. See you soon.