In Memory of Dr. Raymond Bernabei

Memorial BadgeThe NY Metro ISOA Executive Board requests our members honor the memory of Dr. Raymond Bernabei, by wearing a black ribbon or wrapping black tape on their NISOA badge for all intercollegiate soccer matches until September 15, 2008. Please click on the thumbnail for appropriate ribbon placement.

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  1. Ray Leone says:

    Dr. Ray was a teacher of people. He taught respect of the game and respect of all people involved with the game. While we were coaching at Clemson, Dr. Ray and his wonderful wife were always kind. He epitomized class in every endeavor he ever undertook. I will always remember Dr. Ray because he gave everything he had for the good of the game and asked nothing in return.

    Dr. Ray Bernabei will be sorely missed but never forgotten. My condolences to his family.