Proposed Constitutional Amendments

At the August 23, 2008 mandatory rules clinic, Alan Wharton presented two separate, proposed constitutional amendments regarding business meetings. They are:

1. An official who is assigned to work a Collegiate Soccer game on the night of a scheduled business meeting shall be excused from that meeting and be given credit for that meeting.
2. The annual dinner will be considered a business meeting.

In addition to these two proposals, the Executive Board will request discussion of the following administrative constitutional amendment:

Change Article 4, paragraph 1: “Elections shall take place with nominations brought to the floor at the fourth business meeting of that year.”


“Elections shall take place at a scheduled business meeting. Nominations shall be brought to the floor at the business meeting immediately prior to the elections.”

This notice satisfies the requirement for written notification to the membership. These proposals will be discussed at the September 10, 2008 business meeting and, if approved, voted upon at the September 23, 2008.

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  1. John Puglisi says:

    At the September 10, 2008 chapter business meeting, the proposed amendment to excuse a member from a scheduled business meeting if they were assigned an intercollegiate soccer game was withdrawn and will not be voted upon. The proposed amendment to consider the annual awards dinner as a business meeting was put to a vote. Electronic ballots were sent out via email on September 13 for members who did not vote at the meeting. Electronic voting expires on September 21, 2008. The administrative amendment addressing chapter elections was discussed and will be voted upon at the September 23, 2008 chapter business meeting.

  2. John Puglisi says:

    The proposed amendment to consider the annual awards dinner as a regularly scheduled business meeting was passed by vote and incorporated into the constitution.