Chapter Assessment Program

The Executive Board is pleased to announce Klaus Mueller has agreed to manage our chapter’s assessment program. All new members must be assessed within the first two years of their membership so please provide Klaus with your assignments so he can arrange an assessment for you. These initial assessments are provided free of charge to our new members. All other members including those who may be interested in the National Referee program should also contact Klaus for assessments and the current assessment fee structure.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments

At the August 23, 2008 mandatory rules clinic, Alan Wharton presented two separate, proposed constitutional amendments regarding business meetings. They are:

1. An official who is assigned to work a Collegiate Soccer game on the night of a scheduled business meeting shall be excused from that meeting and be given credit for that meeting.
2. The annual dinner will be considered a business meeting.

In addition to these two proposals, the Executive Board will request discussion of the following administrative constitutional amendment:

Change Article 4, paragraph 1: “Elections shall take place with nominations brought to the floor at the fourth business meeting of that year.”


“Elections shall take place at a scheduled business meeting. Nominations shall be brought to the floor at the business meeting immediately prior to the elections.”

This notice satisfies the requirement for written notification to the membership. These proposals will be discussed at the September 10, 2008 business meeting and, if approved, voted upon at the September 23, 2008.

Proper Mechanic for Ejections

The 2008 NISOA Preseason Guide contains an error regarding the display of cards for an ejection when a player receives a second caution in the same match. From Ken Andres, Jr., NISOA National Rules Interpreter:

The NISOA 2008 Preseason Guide contains an article on Page 1 entitled “Second Card is Always Red,” which sets forth an incorrect officiating mechanic with regard to NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rule 5.5.3. The Preseason Guide article incorrectly states that the referee should not display a yellow card when issuing a second caution to a player. This is not correct and wrongfully interprets a 2008-2009 clarification of R.5.5.3, which addresses the issue of a second caution for Accumulated Cautions and Game Suspensions purposes pursuant to Rule 12.18.1. A player cannot be “charged” with a second caution in the same game for card accumulation purposes within R.12.18.1, but this clarification does not change the NISOA officiating mechanic when a player commits a second cautionable offense. The proper officiating mechanic when a player commits a second cautionable offense is as follows: The referee shall display a yellow card, followed immediately by a red card. See R.5.5.3.

A Note on Professionalism

As I finish my second term as chapter president and a new college soccer season approaches, I get to deal with many issues affecting our members and their responsibilities to maintain good standing status. Typically, these issues concern preparing for and taking the fitness test, taking the refresher test and attending the rules interpretation and requisite number of business meetings. The other day I received a copy of an email from a friend who happens to be a National Referee which made me think of what it is to be professional. Read the rest of this article »

Other Chapter Fitness Tests and Rules Meetings

Thanks to John Leavy for providing the following nearby NISOA chapter testing schedule for 2008:

  • NJ Metro ISOA – August 9, Saturday – Drew University, Madison, NJ – Physical fitness test and Interpretation meeting – 8:00 am registration, 8:30 start.
  • ISOA-NJ – August 9 – Mercer County College – Fitness test at 8:00 am. Interpretation meeting follows the fitness test.
  • Eastern PA and Delaware – Saturday, August 16, Saturday – Villanova University – 7:30 am start for the fitness test. Interpretation meeting follows the fitness test.
  • Westchester/Rockland ISOA – Rules Interpretation information is here.

NY Metro ISOA members who attend these (or any other non-NY Metro ISOA) rules interpretation meeting are required to attend three of the four scheduled business meetings to meet the NISOA requirement to attend 3 business meetings.