Nick Apostolides

Nick Apostolides has stepped down from his role as Director on the chapter executive board. Nick has served the chapter for many years and we are all indebted to him for his service. Nick’s integrity and tireless work for the chapter is unsurpassed. I am grateful and honored to have worked with him over the past few years. We hope he will continue to participate with the chapter, especially with the recruitment of new officials from the Long Island Soccer Referees Association.

While nobody can replace Nick, Klaus Mueller has accepted an appointment as a Director on the executive board. Klaus brings a wealth of officiating and assessing experience to the board.

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  1. Lou Minutoli says:

    Best wishes to Nick and our thanks for a job well done.
    Nick was my mentor back in 1990 when I started out. He used to take me along to his college games and make me observe the officials and sometimes even participate as an AR in a friendly match. I have attained a wealth of information about both soccer and life in general from a man well-respected by his peers. Nick’s ‘no-nonsense’ approach to officiating and demand for perfection serve as a model for all to follow.