Multiple Assignments

This year’s NISOA Preseason Guide includes this point of emphasis regarding professionalism:

There are many issues surrounding professionalism. The point of emphasis only focuses on one area. Do not over extend yourself and accept multiple assignments on any given day. Games can go overtime, traffic can develop and more. You cannot do justice to any game if you accept multiple assignments at the collegiate level or accept high school or other games in addition to the college game you are doing. As a NISOA member, you must give 100 percent to the game you are assigned. Working a game(s) before or after the college assignment or accepting multiple college games in one day will only result in doing a game that is not at your top performance level. Before accepting games, review the calendar and make a professional decision.

Accepting multiple assignments on a single day is strongly discouraged by the Executive Board. Ethics infractions caused by accepting multiple assignments will be severely dealt with by the Ethics Committee.

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  1. George Snizek says:

    I hope this is followed by the Board. In the past I know members have done more than 1 college game on any given day. Some have even done a High School game in the morning and a College game in the afternoon.

    If we have something written, it must be followed , or get rid of it.

  2. John Puglisi says:

    I am not sure what you mean by “followed by the Board.” Would you clarify that for me?

    The Executive Board does not have the authority to require members to limit the games they accept. We trust our members to be professional, use good judgment when accepting contract obligations and always adhere to the NISOA Code of Ethics.

  3. George Snizek says:

    Sorry ,what I meant was if know, the Ethics Committee should take the action.

  4. Joe Danbusky says:

    The problem of doing a high school game and then a college game needs to be addressed. NISOA , while not preventing officials from doing more than one match in a day, prefers that, if that be the case, then the collegiate match should be the first match. The official, then, is at top physical condition on that day and is ready for the rigors of the game.

    Unfortunately, assignors suffer from the supply/demand problem: too many games; too few officials — or are there? A large disparity in games assigned throughout the chapter reverses the problem: too many officials; too few games.

    Perhaps assignors should revisit their Code of Ethics…

  5. Bob Soskis says:

    We are concerned about HS/College double dips. Two years ago I worked at Hofstra on a Sat. at 5pm. The crew for the mens game showed up after our game and we gathered together. I was the only person who was not doubling that day for Mr Ivanenko. If some of us feel so strongly, start complaints with that assignor.

  6. John Puglisi says:

    Accepting two assignments on the same day continues to be an issue. Recently, I was at a Division 1 game where the assistant referee (not a member of our chapter) arrived at the site less than 30 minutes before kickoff because his earlier Division 1 game (from a different assignor) either ran late or the official got caught in traffic. I trust our members use better judgment.