New NISOA Uniform Badge

New NISOA Referee BadgeThe NISOA Executive Council has approved a new referee badge (or patch, if you prefer). This badge is to be worn by all officials (except for NISOA National Referees) for all intercollegiate competitions unless otherwise specified by the governing sports authority, effective immediately. NISOA is distributing the badges by mail. We plan on ordering additional badges for member purchase before the annual rules interpretation meeting.

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  1. Ken Heller says:

    I”ve not received a new badge, tho it seems everyone I’ve spoken to has gotten theirs. Can you send me one,please?
    ken heller

  2. John Puglisi says:

    We will contact NISOA and find out what happened. We will also place an order so we have extras on hand.

  3. Joe Danbusky says:


    I’ve been in touch with Mario Donnangelo re the badge situation. He posted a list of officials who had not received badges because of (what he says) incorrect address information. The NY Metro chapter listed only two officials — you were not on the list.

    I challenged Mario Donnangelo’s accuracy of information, which is based on the registration form NISOA sends to chapter contacts each year which is created by — Mario Donnangelo.

    I pointed out the fact that some officials in the NY Metro chapter did not receive the new badges, and their mailing addresses are correct. He’s looking into it.

    I’m awaiting a response…

    In the meantime, I will have a supply of the new patches before the start of the season.
    Most members opt for having more than one patch.

    Will keep you informed as I find stuff out…

    Joe Danbusky