ECAC has informed us they will prepare checks for the initial Official Payment System (OPS) payment for the 2007 season on Monday, October 22, 2007. Payment will be for matches played before October 22, 2007. Please review the documentation accompanying the payment for discrepancies with your records. There are several schools in our area that did not fund ECAC so you will not be paid for the games they hosted in this payment cycle.

Take a few minutes to review the financial information on your ECAC assignment web page. Try to resolve financial issues with the assignor and ensure the ECAC web site is updated as soon as possible.

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  1. John Puglisi says:

    ECAC has not processed the initial payment as of today. There is a data processing problem with the ECAC assigning web site. I am in daily contact with ECAC and will provide updates here.

  2. John Puglisi says:

    ECAC solved the data processing issue. Checks will be prepared on Monday, October 29.

  3. John Puglisi says:

    According to ECAC, checks will go out on Wednesday, October 31.

  4. John Puglisi says:

    ECAC is processing the checks today and plans to mail them tomorrow, November 2.

  5. John Puglisi says:

    If you log on to your ECAC assignment web page today, you will see the updated payment status of your games paid through ECAC OPS.

  6. John Puglisi says:

    If you have not received payment from ECAC for your 2007 matches, the most likely reason is you did not pay your 2007 ECAC assignment fee or you are otherwise in arrears with ECAC. If this is the case, you will get an email from ECAC within the next week or so regarding your outstanding balance.