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Chapter Assessment Program

The Executive Board is pleased to announce Klaus Mueller has agreed to manage our chapter’s assessment program. All new members must be assessed within the first two years of their membership so please provide Klaus with your assignments so he can arrange an assessment for you. These initial assessments are provided free of charge to our new members. All other members including those who may be interested in the National Referee program should also contact Klaus for assessments and the current assessment fee structure.

A Note on Professionalism

As I finish my second term as chapter president and a new college soccer season approaches, I get to deal with many issues affecting our members and their responsibilities to maintain good standing status. Typically, these issues concern preparing for and taking the fitness test, taking the refresher test and attending the rules interpretation and requisite number of business meetings. The other day I received a copy of an email from a friend who happens to be a National Referee which made me think of what it is to be professional. Read the rest of this entry »

Nabil Al-Saidi Accepted As A National Referee Candidate

Congratulations to Nabil Al-Saidi for being accepted into the NISOA National Referee program as a National Referee Candidate. The NISOA National Referee certification cycle runs for two years. Over the next two years, Nabil will have to attend the National Referee camp and pass six assessments as a prerequisite for achieving National Referee status.

We are very excited that Nabil, along with our only active National Referee, Jim Memos, will represent our chapter with impeccable integrity and superior performance on and off the field.

NISOA National Referee Program

Our Region 2 representative, Neil Edkins, passed this information on to members who may be interested in the NISOA National Referee program.

NISOA’s National Referee Program is now open to accepting applications for entrance into its 2008 clinic program. Interested NISOA soccer officials should begin by downloading the appropriate documents, completing as directed, and forwarding them to their correct Regional Area Coordinator by March 1, 2008.

The NRP (its policies, NRP application and forms) has relocated to a new area in




This is the new location.

The Region 2 Area Coordinator is Mark Butler. Unfortunately, the NISOA web site is built in a manner which doesn’t allow direct access to subdirectories so we can’t link to this directly. You can read the NISOA policy for new national referee candidates here (pdf document).