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ECAC Assignment Fees for 2007

We received the following information from ECAC regarding their assignment fees for the 2007 season:

Officials are urged to confirm their assignments, asap. Assignment fees are due in the ECAC office by August 15, 2007. Checks received after the due date will be subject to a $15 late penalty. Please send your check or money order (made payable to the ECAC) to Karen Roberts, ECAC Soccer, PO Box # 3, Centerville, MA 02632 in accordance with categories below and the actual number of game assignments (on the ECAC web site and Alan Wharton’s AssignByWeb site) you have been given on the release date, Monday, July 23, 2007.

Games Assigned Fee
1-5 games $40
6-10 games $65
11-15 games $85
16-24 games $100
25 or more games $150