NCAA Soccer Rules; 6.4.3 Scorekeeper

Many scorekeepers exclusively use a computer generated scoresheet to record the events of the game. In some cases, the scorekeeper does not print out a scoresheet for the officiating crew to review and sign. So what action should the officiating crew take in this case? Read the rest of this article »

2015 Chapter and Sportsmanship Awards

Once again, our members have an opportunity to vote for our officials and local coaches who have particularly distinguished themselves. Those receiving the most votes will be honored at the NYMISOA Awards Dinner on November 9. Members say, “How can I vote for anybody when I have done so few games this season?” or “I often ref with members and teams outside our area so how can I vote for anybody?” If that’s the case, then do not limit your selections to just the 2015 season but to the past couple of years as well.

The ballot is linked. You can e-mail your selections to Randy Vogt at [email protected] or send to him at 3 Hillside Lane, Syosset, NY 11791 by October 26. Thank you!