Minor NCAA Soccer Rules Changes Expected for 2014-2015

The NCAA Soccer Rules Committee has recommended several changes to the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) for the 2014- 2015 seasons. Specifically, the Rules Committee is recommending the following changes:

  • Electronic communication between coaching staff members and usage of electronic data during a game will be permitted.
  • The end of each period will be when the clock indicates 0:00 (if counting down) in case of a horn malfunction. Previously, the period was considered to be over in the case of a horn malfunction when the referee blew the whistle.
  • The order of eligible players participating in the tie-breaker procedure (kicks from the penalty mark) may be changed after 10 eligible players have taken a kick.

As indicated in the NCAA press release, all proposed rule changes are subject to approval by the NCAA PROP.

Updated March 10, 2014:

According to this press release, the NCAA PROP has approved the rules changes regarding the end of the period and tie-breaker.

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