Offside Restart

by John Puglisi, NISOA Past - President, NISOA National clinician and NISOA local assessor.

Our last clinic and article on offside have generated a lot of positive feedback and discussion on this issue. One aspect of offside we did not discuss was the location of the restart after an offside infraction. In the diagram below, offside is punished where the player in an offside position was when the ball is played. The position of the ball when it is played by the player in the offside position has nothing to do with the location of the resulting indirect free kick.


The indirect free kick should be taken from point (A), where the infraction occurred. This is an important point in situations where the infraction occurs many yards away from where the player in an offside position touches or plays the ball.

In rare cases, a player may be legally off the field and enters the field legally but in an offside position after the ball is played by a teammate. In that case, the indirect free kick should be taken from the point on the touchline where the player entered the field.

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