Jim Miller Appointed as NISOA Region II Representative

by John Puglisi, NISOA Past - President, NISOA National clinician and NISOA local assessor.

Todd Abraham, NISOA President, has appointed Jim Miller as the NISOA Region II Representative (New York State) effective immediately. Jim is the President of the Triple Cities ISOA as well as a NISOA National Referee Emeritus. The Region Representative’s responsibilities include:

  • Expediting and rendering decisions on local grievances.
  • Acts as the intermediary agent between the NISOA National Office and local chapters.
  • Coordinates the development of new chapters within the region.
  • Makes recommendations for NISOA awards
  • Promotes and assists with NISOA Regional clinics.

I am very pleased with Jim’s appointment and am totally confident he will do a great job representing our region. I would also like to thank all the chapters in Region II for their support during my two year term as Regional Representative.

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