NISOA Green Shirt

The state of our chapter treasury is excellent. As such, the Executive Board decided to authorize the purchase of a single short sleeve green grid shirt for each member in good standing. Here are the conditions of the purchase:

  • You must indicate your shirt size on the website at this link. Do not send us an email with your size. If your size is not logged on the web site, no shirt for you.
  • You must be a member in good standing with the chapter.
  • You must be in a dues paying status for 2013.
  • Members who are inactive for the 2012 season may choose a one time chapter dues credit for 2013 if they register as an inactive member with the chapter for 2013. If you choose a dues credit, you still must pay NISOA national dues.
  • Active members are not eligible for a chapter dues credit.
  • Green striped socks are not a part of this initiative.

We intend to place the uniform order during the offseason and have the shirts available for pickup at the 2013 fitness tests and rules meeting.

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