NCAA Soccer Rules; Regular Season Overtime

Recent feedback from the national level indicates some officials are not administrating the overtime rule (Rule 7.1.1) properly for games tied after the regulation 90 minutes. The rule states that two sudden-victory overtime periods of 10 minutes each shall be played.

Please note the following aspects of this rule:

  • The length and number of the overtime periods shall not be altered.
  • Overtime MUST be played.
  • The game is over when a legal goal is scored.

In several instances, coaches have asked the referee crew to shorten or eliminate overtime periods and the referee crew allowed it. Coaches may not alter this rule even if both agree to it before the match.

Ejection Reports to Assignors

The NCAA provided additional information on artificial noisemakers, pep bands and ejection reporting yesterday. Please be aware that this guidance requires referees to forward ejection reports that are filed at the NCAA Soccer Central Hub to the match assignor. If you  filed an ejection report this year, please make sure you forward the confirmation email you received from the NCAA Soccer Central Hub to the assignor who gave you the match as soon as possible. If you did not retain the confirmation email, please follow the instructions on the NCAA directive referenced above to obtain the report and then forward it to your assignor.

NCAA Soccer Fighting Ejection Reporting

The NCAA Soccer Rules now require the referee to report all ejections, fighting referee and assault ejections through the NCAA Soccer Central Hub. The ejection protocol for fighting is available on the NISOA web site. Please be aware that in the case of a fighting or referee assault ejection, the referee must file two reports, the “Red Card Form” and the “Fighting and Referee Assault Form.”